Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Review: The Zombie Pinocchio (Zombie Fairy Tales #3) by Kevin Richey

The Zombie Pinocchio (Zombie Fairy Tales #3)
The Zombie Pinocchio (Zombie Fairy Tales #3) by Kevin Richey
Publication Date: March 13th, 2012
Genre: Horror
Pages: 37
Format: Paperback
Source: Gifted
Read: March 12, 2015
The gentle but lonely toymaker Geppetto builds the perfect companion from the corpses of children: a son who will never die. But when his creation revolts and begins a campaign of debauchery and murder upon the town's children, he fears he may have unleashed a force of evil beyond his control—The Zombie Pinocchio.
~My Thoughts~
I originally read this back in May 2012 off my kindle app and gave a horrible vlog review (it was like my first one, so what do you expect haha). And with it I typed a couple sentences to sum up what I felt-
"A creeptastic short story that'll make your skin crawl, Kevin Richey gave this loved fairy tale a dark twist of fate, that will haunt you deep in the night."
How I feel now-
But before I get to that, I read it this time through the collection book-
Zombie Fairy Tales: The Complete Collection
So excited to read them all!
Now onto reviewing it!
Pinocchio meets Frankenstein- Kevin Richey brings an interesting take on the loved fairy tale Pinocchio. From the very first scene of Geppetto cutting the perfect hands off a dead boy had me instantly hooked! The details sucked me in, I was turning page after page, engrossed by these spine chilling words!
If you love zombies and fairy tales then this is a series for you! Though it's a short story by the end of the book I didn't feel as if it was. Mr. Richey crafted this world beautifully, leaving me satisfied and craving for more of his twisted tales!
Overall Mr. Richey unfolded the mystery of Geppetto's drive to build himself a son perfectly, keeping me on my toes throughout the read and the surprised factor high! I can't wait to dive into the next one!
It will take possession over you

Sweet Readings Everybody!

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