Thursday, October 22, 2015

Halloween DIY: Mummy Head

Looking for cool but cheap Halloween decor, then look no further.....enter, Mummy Heads!

I meant to do a couple DIY Halloween Projects earlier this month but I have yet to do any (sad face). But last year, while putting together a Haunted House with my sisters at my Mom's house, we did a couple and it slipped my mind to blog about them for DIY projects for this year. 

Today we'll be DIY Mummy Heads. Found this on Pinterest and all you need is three items and kids that like to get their hands dirty. 

First, the buy items:

FloraCraft® Wig Head from Michaels (On Sale) $2.99

 Johnson & Johnson RED CROSS® Secure-Flex Wrap (Large) $5.49

Note* The more heads you buy the more wrap you'll need. Since I made 3 heads, I think I bought 2-3 wraps. However, I think I only used 2 Large wraps for all 3 heads

*There are cheaper wraps too but since these are large heads, I bought the largest wrap available

Free items:

Dirt (I'm sure you have dirt around your place, somewhere)

What to do:

It's quite simple, all you do is wrap them the way you want to. Like, I would leave one eye visible or part of the nose and cheek as you'll see in the picture below.

Once you finish wrapping them, grab your kids (if you have any) because this will be fun for them and go find some dirt, letting them make the heads look messy and old. 

Once you're done, it'll look like this-

I got many compliments from parents and kids, they were a hit!

Also, you might even want to get more creative by leaving some wrap loose at the neck, making it look like it's starting to unravel....just a thought

Thanks for stopping by!

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