Friday, October 23, 2015

Halloween DIY: Bloody Table Cloth

Hey Everyone, looking for a cool but cheap Halloween decoration? Well, look no further.....enter, Bloody Table Cloth!

Okay, so for this project I didn't actually buy anything as I already had everything at home and I'm sure you do too! If not, then I know these items aren't expensive either.

What you need:

An old White Sheet (or just a White Sheet you don't mind getting dirty)
Red Food Coloring
A Bowl
A Tooth brush (non used haha)

What to do:

Fill a bowl with water then make it as red as you want it with the food coloring. Once you get it to the shade you want (I think I did 5 to 10 drops) then go outside and use the tooth brush to make splatter marks on it. We also did Bloody Hand Prints on it, so we dunked our hands in it and placed prints all over the sheet. (Yes, your hands will stain but just wash it with soap and it'll be gone) 

*Again, if you don't mind letting your kids get dirty then this will be something fun for them

What it looked like when it finished drying-

Again, this was another hit, as was the fake Ouija board my bestie (who is a natural at art) made from a piece of cardboard. I wish I could do a DIY for it for you guys but atlas I didn't (not even if I tried) make it haha. People thought it was real and got crept out from it, making a wide space between them and the table haha.

Thanks for stopping by!

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