Wednesday, October 21, 2015

#Letsgetreal: Guns are NOT killers, the people behind them ARE

Now I know this isn't one of my normal posts and it isn't about books so you can ignore this if you'd like, by all means, please do.

So what's gotten under my skin today and something I just have to speak my opinion on the topic was that of a post on Facebook by a famous person I follow. What they said was this,

"My condolences to the family of Officer Randolph Holder, shot in the line of duty. A day of joy turns to a day of mourning because of guns."

Yes, my condolences go to the family and his loved ones but if you blame the gun and not the person holding it, who was a career criminal by the way, then that just blows my mind. Yes, I'm pro gun because I don't blame this inanimate object. This object that doesn't have feelings, doesn't have hatred boiling in it's veins, this thing that doesn't have a brain. That is why I blame the person who shot the gun, who pulled the trigger.

And this is where people say we should ban guns. No, we shouldn't. You'll only be banning them from people who buy them legally. Because this man was a criminal I'm pretty sure he got his gun illegally. Though yes, even some people who get theirs legally may do bad things with them too. And that's when people say we should do better mental checks on people, but guess what, that person may have had the best mental health ever and passed with flying colors but one thing, one tiny little thing can make a good person snap. So no matter how stricter you make the system there is just no way you can prevent some things. 

For example you can't prevent a man finding his wife with another man and then him thinking irrationally and killing the two lovers. You just can't see what's going to push someone over the edge. 

And the truth is, if we ban guns, then if someone who has that much hatred in them that they want to kill someone else, another human being, then they'll find a way. Guns are just the easier choice. And even if you get rid of guns, you can go on Youtube and learn how to build one. Ever heard of the 3D printer? Someone made a gun with it, though it can only shoot once, that one shot can kill someone. So in that situation, will we be blaming the 3D printer or the person that requested the gun to be printed?

If your husband or wife who's in the military, and God forbid, they get shot while over seas- will you blame the gun or the person who pulled the trigger? My husband is a Marine and I sure as hell wouldn't blame the gun if that ever happened to him. So why here in the States do we blame the gun and not the person behind it?

Again, if a man beats a woman senseless, would you blame his fists and not him? If a bomb goes off, would you blame the bomb and not the person who took the time to build it? Would you blame the knife that cut someones throat or stabbed someone and not the person who used it?

No, you wouldn't. You would blame the person behind those acts. So why do we blame guns? And not the person who pulled the trigger. What's different between those scenarios from someone using a gun? 

There's so many choices on how someone can kill someone, guns just seem the easiest and the favorite choice for criminals. Banning them isn't going to stop someone who truly wants one from finding a way to get them. Criminals already do it illegally, so why do you think banning them from good people is going to make things better? From 1920 to 1933 they banned alcoholic beverages and guess what, there were illegal underground bars. You don't think criminals will find a way to get guns illegally? They already do. Some drugs are illegal, you think that's stopping people from buying them off the streets? You know that doesn't, so why do you think banning guns is going to stop someone from getting one and using one?  

So, it honestly blows my mind that people blame the gun, this inanimate object. If you're against guns, that's fine with me. I'm not trying to push my opinion down your throats. I'm just trying to help people understand why some people are pro guns. I'm pro gun because I want to be able to protect myself at night when my husband is working. If we have a daughter, I want her to be able to protect herself too or her little sibling she'll be babysitting one night when she's old enough.

One last thing, do you think cops who take down criminals blame the gun for killing that person? No, instead that leaves a mark on their soul because they killed a person, albeit a criminal, but still another human being. Do the mothers who watch their kids get killed by gangs blame the gun or the gangs? Do you think parents of kids who get killed in school shootings blame the gun or the kid who brought it?

You know my answer to those questions. 

If you have something to say, don't be shy. Whether you're pro gun or against it. Honestly I'm absolutely scared to write down my opinion, my hands are shaking, but I need to express it or it's going to eat me inside if I don't.....


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