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{Blog Tour Review + Giveaway} Baad Dog by Sal Conte

Baad Dog by Sal Conte
Publication Date: October 16th, 2015
Genre: Horror, Thriller
Pages: 128
Format: ebook
Source: Author
Read: Oct. 19th to 24th, 2015


Since when did man’s best friend become his very own worst nightmare? 

Harry wanted a dog. 

He’d wanted a dog ever since his mother gave away the cute little mongrel pup he and his brother adopted when they were kids. His mom gave the dog away because Harry and Lenny didn’t take care of her as promised. 
Now Harry is a grown man with children of his own. He brings home Queenie, a miracle of modern robotics who looks and acts just like a real dog. Big Mistake. 

“One of the beauties of the K9-233 is that they don’t eat or poop.” 

Harry’s wife, Pam, feels there’s something off about Queenie right from the beginning. And then strange things begin to happen: Harry’s five-year-old says Queenie talks to him. There’s the near fatal car accident after Harry makes Queenie spend the night in the garage for being naughty. But Harry loves Queenie—maybe a little too much. Will Harry realize there’s a murderous monster living under his roof before his entire family becomes dog food? 

Baad Dog is a horror, sic-fi thriller with a twist from the author of 80s pulp horror classics Child’s Play and The Power. Sal Conte has been dubbed “the modern master of the surprise ending,” and this one is full of surprises. 

~My Thoughts~

Baad Dog has B horror movie written all over it, starting from the very beginning. Harry doesn't know why he walked into this store that sales mechanical dogs but he knows why he was so easily talked into getting one is because he's always wanted a dog. So knowing that with this dog you don't need to feed it or take it out to go to the bathroom, he's like why the hell not.

The moment his wife met Queenie, she knew something was off but Harry just thought it was because she wasn't much of a dog person. So whenever she had a concern about Queenie he would just brush it off. Bet you wish you listened to your wife now, don't you Harry?

The part for me that really got things interesting was when Queenie came back home with an eyeball hanging from her mouth. That moment I was with Pam completely, "Oh hell no, that dog needs to go!" But of course Harry didn't think too much of it.

Overall I felt Baad Dog was a bit slow for me. Things would happened here and there but then things would go back to normal. Because of this it wasn't really scary for me. I think this is definitely more of a suspense thriller cause you never knew when Queenie was going to strike again.

*Was given a copy from the author in exchange for my honest review*


~About the Author~

Sal Conte is the horror writing alter ego of Amazon #1 Teen Horror author, E. Van Lowe. As Sal Conte, the author turns his talents to gruesome horror with stunning results. Sal Conte is the author of 80s pulp horror classics “Child’s Play” and “The Power,” as well as recent shorts “The Toothache Man” and “Because We Told Her To.

“Baad Dog” is Sal Conte’s first solo ebook. You can visit him at

~Guest Post~

Damned Internet

I’ve noticed something strange lately.  I don’t read as many books as I used to.  I used to love to curl up in bed or on the sofa and devour a good book.  But lately I can’t seem to stay focused.  I know why. It’s that damned internet.  It keeps calling me.  It’s like that old Twilight Zone episode where a guy goes to Las Vegas for the first time and discovers slot machines.  You know the one I’m talking about? He goes back to his room and tries to go to bed but he hears his name being called in a loud whisper.  “Franklin.”  The slot machines are calling.
That’s how I feel.  The internet is calling and I must heed the call: email, Twitter, Facebook, my blog.  I must check them.  I MUST CHECK THEM!

Last evening, I sat in the living room, book in hand and began to read. That’s when I heard the call:  “Franklin.”  (I know that’s not my name, but it has an ominous ring to it).  A few nights ago I lay in bed, picked up my book and began to read: “Franklin.”   I knew I had just checked my email ten minutes ago, so I continued reading… “Franklin!”  But when was the last time I checked my Facebook page?  An entire hour ago.  It’s important that I find out what Barbara Jensen had for lunch, so I stopped reading, and I checked.

I’ve been reading the current book I’m on for nearly a month now.  Yes, it’s interesting.  No, it’s not as long as War And Peace.  But I can’t get through it. Am I alone in this? Do any of you out there have this problem?  That damned internet is destroying my life.  Someone has to shut it down.  It’s dangerous…  Excuse me?  What was that?


Aside from being addicted to the internet, I am an author.  Somehow I stayed off the internet long enough to finish writing Baad Dog.  It came out last week, and I must have been concentrating because folks are already raving about it. Click on the Amazon link, check out the reviews, and then buy it, and see what all the fuss is about.  Me, I have to get back to Instagram. “Franklin.”  I’m coming.

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