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Review: Ghouls Just Haunt to Have Fun (Ghost Hunter Mystery #3) by Victoria Laurie

Ghouls Just Haunt to Have Fun (Ghost Hunter Mystery #3) by Victoria Laurie
Publication Date: March 3rd, 2009
Genre: Adult Paranormal Mystery
Pages: 320
Format: Paperback
Source: Gifted
Read: September 23rd to October 5th, 2015


M.J. Holliday has the gift of communicating with the other side. But when she appears on a TV show about haunted heirlooms, she learns a whole new meaning for the word "possessions." 

Rooms with a Boo - 

When M.J. agrees to use her paranormal abilities on a new TV show called Haunted Possessions, she hopes her gift will not be exploited. Neither M.J. nor her fellow medium Heath realizes how much they'll need to sharpen their psychic skills when one of the objects-a knife-turns out to open a portal that releases a demon. With a beast from the lower realms on the loose in the haunted hotel where she's staying, M.J. gets the point; She and her team of ghost hunters must find a way to give evil an early checkout before the demon carves through the hotel's guests like a knife through butter.

~My Thoughts~

It was so easy to fall back into this world, especially with Gilley's antics haha. He is by far one of my favorite characters, he is definitely the comedy relief during M.J.'s stressful times. And boy were there some stressful times as there was a ghost at almost every corner, it even had Gilley's greedy mouth clamp up tight from fear. But what did you expect when you're staying at a haunted hotel that's being renovated!

I loved what inspired this story for the author and I had no idea but she can see spirits too, very cool! Anyways, with this crazy and fun story line it could have been a hit or miss. For me it was definitely a hit! Even with the crazy amount of ghost M.J. had to deal with it was all very well balanced. Never once did I become confused or bored. Instead I was sitting on the edge of my seat the whole time trying to figure out who done it! It was easy to get lost in this thrilling world!

Overall what an absolutely fun installment to the series, I cannot wait to get to the next one as they go on this new adventure! It was nice to get a fresh face and to have a character that understands what M.J. has to go through. It's great that now she'll have backup that can actually see spirits just like her, so the next one is definitely going to be interesting with this new character! Another spine chilling, action packed story that I couldn't put down! This series is getting better with each book!

~Favorite Quotes~

"Would you have me continue to run around Boston with flyers? Or maybe I should hire that Casper guy? Because in case you haven't been paying attention, girlfriend, our business is drying up faster than a woman in menopause, and I for one would like to continue to pay the light bill!"


If Gil knew he'd just had a face-to-face encounter with a real ghost, he'd grow his own feathers and start clucking.


I laughed wickedly and told him, "If anything big and smoky jumps out at you, throw the cameraman at it and run like hell!"


"I know, I know," he replied. "I'm a real shit. And I've turned over a new leaf since she died, I swear." We all looked at him skeptically. "Seriously!" he said, holding up his right palm. "I've sworn off women."

"Me too," said Gilley, bouncing his eyebrows.

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