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Book Spotlight: The Siege of the Supers (The First Superhero #2) by Logan Rutherford

The Siege of the Supers (The First Superhero #2) by Logan Rutherford
Publication Date: September 15th, 2015
Genre: Young Adult Science Fiction


The Siege of the Supers takes place six months after the events of The Second Super

Kane Andrews - also known as the superhero Tempest - has returned from his absence to a world filled with Supers, and a government that won't be satisfied until all Supers are eradicated - hero and villain alike. 

Kane and his group try their best to stop the evil Supers, but they're hopelessly outnumbered. And when the evil Supers put in motion a plan that spells disaster for any Super or human that's not on their side, Kane's not so sure that he and his people can stop them. 

Not only that, but with the government hunting them down, it looks as if Kane may be on the losing side of an oncoming war between the humans, heroes, and villains. 

Book Two in The First Superhero series is filled with non-stop action, drama, and intrigue. It will be around 100,000 words in total - twice the length of The Second Super.

~Sequel To~

The Second Super (The First Superhero, #1)
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~Praises from my review of The Second Super~

"The first chapter piqued my interest and I was able to get into the story easily."

"The world Mr. Rutherford created was interesting and the action kept me on my toes."

"Overall it may not be my usual cup of tea, I still enjoyed it and I'm glad I bought it."

~About the Author~


Logan Rutherford is a 20 year old full-time author living in Los Angeles. Originally from Texas, he’s been writing for his entire life. First publishing at 16, he’s been doing so ever since.
He writes a variety of series, although he’s most known for his First Superhero series, the first book in that series being ‘The Second Super’.
He is represented by Sarah Hershman of Hershman Rights Management.
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