Friday, February 10, 2012

My Short Story 2012 Challenge

So I've decided to creat a Short Story Challenge. Because I'm so busy right now with school I just don't have the humph to read a 200 or so book. And since I'm tired so much I may not enjoy a book like I should and I don't feel right reading one knowing that. The poor book shouldn't have to suffer becuase of that.

Now if you're busy, too, like I am then the best way to give your reading crave is a short story. They're fast, to the point, action packed, and you can finish them in minutes feeding that craving of yours.

Okay, some of you may know there is already two other short story challenges out there but I feel like the short stories I want to read won't fit in them.

One is with the Library of Clean Reads but it's only for Anthologies.
The second is with Dead Book Darling, this one is more broader but I'm still not 100% comfortable.

So to be comfortable I'm creating this one. You can join too if you want. :)

To Sign up...

There are two opitions,

One- you can make a post telling the world you're joining


Two- all you have to do is grab that picture up above and place it on your sidebar leaving a link down below

Challenge Details

Types: Kindle, ebooks, Nook, Anthologies, a series that's written in short story form (like the one I'm reading), those .5's that's a part of our favorite series, audiobooks, magazines, internet, Smashwords,etc. Really if there is somewhere it says it's a short story it can work for this challenge 

Timeline: February 2012 - 31 Dec 2012

Rules: There are FOUR (4) LEVELS to choose from:

- Childrens Play: 6 Shorts
- Oh But a Fable: 12 Shorts
- A Legend is Born: 18 Shorts
- Behold of a Myth: 24 Shorts

You don't have to select your books ahead of time, you can just add them as you go. The books you choose can crossover into other challenges you have going on.

You can join at anytime. All books read in 2012 count towards the challenge regardless of when you sign up.

For every month you will find a link to add your reviews 

You don't have to have a blog to join in - for those without a blog but who use Goodreads, Amazon, LibraryThing etc, you can just add your link to the page of your review.

Here's a list I created for this challenge to help you guys out. I think it's a great start but obviously I didn't put all that's out there because, well, I don't know all that's out there. Haha....Short Story 2012 Challenge

I think I pretty much covered it all so, Linky up to Mrs. Linky if you want to join.
Thanks for stopping by.

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