Friday, February 3, 2012

Review: When Lightning Strikes

When Lightning Strikes (1-800-Where-R-You #1) by Meg Cabot
Publication Date: January 9th 2007
Genre: YA Fantasy
Pages: 264


Jess Mastriani was misunderstood by her teachers and had a crush on the local bad boy, but that didn't mean she was trouble. But trouble found her when she survived a lightning strike and discovered that a newfound talent had been bestowed upon her.

Now, whenever she sees a picture of a missing child, Jess knows exactly where he or she is when she wakes up the next morning. Reuniting lost children with their desperate parents is one thing, but Jess must choose whether to use her power for good...or for evil.

I've been wanting this one for a while and I'm glad I got it when I saw it on the shelf in a Barnes and Noble store.

Everything the concept says is my cup of tea. However, I felt the need to know more of her physic powers. Deeper into her second sight instead of the vagueness we get. I wanted to be in her dreams with her, instead of her just telling us what she's dreamt, you know what I mean?

From within the first few pages I fell in love with Jessica's personality. She's a girl who'll defend to no end if anyone hurts the ones she loves- even if it means punching the star tackle of the school's football team. She's got attitude, sass, and is a total led foot. Though at first, she came off a little strong but I got used to her. I think it was mostly cause we have two completely different personalities. She's out going and I'm as shy as they come.

But you know, I think speed limits are really just suggestions. 

Also, in the beginning there's a lot of I said's and Ruth said's. If there are only two people in a scene I think we the readers can comprehend when who's speaking what. Or it would have been nice to see other words then said, like- says, speak, spoke- things like that. But after a while it got better.

The cast of second hand characters were great. Ruth, Jess's best friend, can be fun but also can seem a little snobby. Rob, the hot grit with a nice sweet ride plus a sweet, humorous personality. The brothers, the crazy home making dress mother, and a lot of others. My favorite, the twelve year old boy. Can't say much about him- that would be a spoiler- and I don't do those.

I felt like the story for me turned out to be a surprise. I'm so used to the way YA Fantasies are now that the subtleness of this one was a nice change. Which is why it was a surprise.

There are a few twist and some fun action, like Jess jumpy down into a fake volcano, that'll make this one a page turner. Plus, with a hot guy on a motorcycle- yum. Once you get to the last page you'll be smiling at the way it ends along with wanting to start reading the next in the series for it's humorous words. 

Oh, yeah. I'd been touched by the finger of God, all right.
The question was, which finger? 

First time reading a Meg Cabot and I can't wait to read others of her's.

I give it,

Two birds, One stone

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