Saturday, February 18, 2012

Review: The Dangerous Days of Daniel X By James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge

He seems like just a normal kid at first, but Daniel X is strong enough to fight anything in the world. It's no wonder, after a lifetime of dodging and destroying a hideous host of deadly extraterrestrial criminals chasing him to the ends of the Earth....

Because he's the alien Hunter.

Daniel's on a mad mission to eliminate every last intergalactic evil on The List of Alien Outlaws on Terra Firma, one hair raising and heart-stopping battle at a time. These vile villains have finally met their match - because Daniel's an alien, too, and he has the greatest superpower of all: the power to create.

 I liked the book. It had plenty of action and a bit of comedy. It was well paced so I never felt bored. It definitely kept me reading. And most of the characters were great.
If this was a movie instead of real life, this would be the part where in a strange, ominous voice I'd say, "Take me to your leader!"
   The book's main plot is Daniel going after #6 on The List, Ergent Seth. Ergent is evil, nasty, and doesn't care who he hurts. All those traits make him a pretty good villain. I found myself hoping for Ergent to lose. Daniel gets help from his friends Joe, Willy, Dana, and Emma. They were all funny, unique, and a great break from Daniel. And his parents and little sister, Pork Chop (Brenda), were a good compliment to him.
  The only character that I'm not sure of is Daniel himself. I had a hard time picturing him. I also had a hard time figuring him out. In truth, I didn't really feel anything for him. I mean, I wanted Ergent to lose, but I didn't cheer on Daniel, either. The thing I liked most about him was that I knew what motivated him: revenge.
     The plot was set up well for a sequel, which there are currently two of. It was a good start of a series, and I will probably read the next book.

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