Monday, August 27, 2012

Why I Couldn't Finish It (2)

I can just say this. You probably want see this very often. Because in my opinion, not finishing a book is a waste. And I try to finish every book that I start. So, this is a rarity. 
Fake ID (Hunted #1)  by Walter Sorrells
Publication Date: June 2, 2005
Genre: YA Mystery
Pages: 313

Sixteen-year-old Chastity and her mother have been on the run since Chass was a baby, assuming new identities in every town. She doesn't know why they are running, who her father is, or even her real name. But then on the night of Chass's sixteenth birthday, her mother disappears. The cops find her abandoned car, blood matching her DNA, and a purse containing six ID cards. Chass can't believe her mother is dead; she knows that her mom just had to go on the run again, this time to protect Chass. Chastity has only six days to find her mother before she's put into foster care—but someone else is looking for Chass. Someone deadly.
Okay, I'm not going to say this book is bad. So, if your looking for that then stop reading. The book kinda irritated and annoyed me, but it wasn't exactly bad. I say that because in a different persons hands, if it was written differently, or if a few things were changed, it could have been a good book.
Okay, so, first: The main character Chass. I only read like eighty pages, so she might get better, but I didn't like her. She seemed mean half the time, stupid a quarter of the time, and paranoid the rest of the time. I understand being paranoid, but she was a little over the top.
Which brings me to stupid. When she was hitchhiking in the middle of the night and she saw the car, she commented that the car was suspicious. She said that, but she got in anyway. I'm just saying, if it's the middle of the night and nobody knows where you are, and you have a bad feeling about the car, don't get in it. It's just that simple. Where was the paranoid part.
And then there was the guitar thing. She knew her mother wouldn't like it and she was dreading opening the present. At first she said she couldn't keep it, then when Ben tried to take it back she refused. She pretty much freaked out, yelled at her Mom, and forced Ben to play with her till their fingers bled.
Second: I didn't see the mystery. Yeah, her mom was missing. Yeah, when they found her car and purse, they found all the fake IDs. But that was it. It just didn't seem that different. I was hoping for more. And maybe there was more but I just didn't want to read more.
Third: I just didn't care. It didn't make me care. With some books they start out slow, but you keep reading to find out what happens. With this one, I didn't want to find out. I didn't want to keep reading. And truthfully, I doubted it was going to get better.
So, in the end, I am happy this is just a library book. It didn't take me long to find out I wasn't going to like it. To start with, my hopes weren't as high as the sky, but they were a lot higher then the book got. But, once again, I'm not going to call this a bad book.
I can almost guaratee that I'm not going to finish this book. So, if any of you read it, tell what you think, if it gets better or you just want to rant about it.
Happy Monday and Happy Reading.

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