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Knockout Challenge Review: Zack & Zoey Save Walt's Brain (Zack & Zoey Book #2) by MJA Ware

Zack & Zoey Save Walt's Brain (Zack & Zoey Book #2)
Zack & Zoey Save Walt's Brain (Zack & Zoey Book #2) by MJA Ware
Publication Date: August 15th 2013
Genre: Kids
Pages: 104
Format: Kindle
Source: Author
When Zack convinces Zoey to sneak out of line and go looking for Walt Disney's frozen head, he never imagined that they'd actually find it.

And Zoey never imagined that Zack would take it home.

Over 4 dozen full color images formatted for both color and B&W Kindles. Zack & Zoey Save Walt's Brain is approximately 25,000 words and contains no cursing or strong language.
~My Thoughts~
*was provided with a copy from the author for an honest review*
I see Zack can't help but get him and his friends into trouble, as always. Though last time he had good reason to, saving earth and all, but this time he could have fully avoided it. However, we all know if he did then there wouldn't have been this fun tale to tell. And what a blast it was!
Zack's first day of school is a trip to Disneyland (yeah, lucky kids) and his friend tells him a tale about Walt's head being frozen and stored there. Zack doesn't believe him but to get out of a long line to the Matterhorn he decides to sneak off and go looking for it. He didn't think they would find it in the first place but instead they find something worse and land themselves into the future.
MJ created a fun yet scary future Disneyland, don't be surprised if you see any red eyed robotic characters walking around. Me, just coming from a trip to Universal Studios, was able to relive the joy I had there thanks to this story. Yes, they are two different places but they are the same on what they truly provide for us tourists haha. So whenever MJ would describe Disneyland I just couldn't help but smile, bringing my memories of my time with my boyfriend at Universal's. Though there weren't any “It’s a Small World” characters trying to munch on us.
Sometimes me, being an older reader as this is aimed at kids, it was hard picturing them as such. Especially with certain situations they were put in and how they talked, I forgot they weren't teenagers but preteens. Ten year olds I believe. But when I think of kids, I kinda sometimes think younger than that, another reason why it was hard to picture them. However other than that I was truly able to get swept away. I was immersed into this world, it wouldn't let me go, and I just had to know what other antics Zack and his crew were going to get into.
Even though I enjoyed this very much, with the drawings, sense of humor that is written within, the action packed scenes and the little romances, I don't know if I can fully give this five bats. If I was the right audience for this creative tale, then yes surely I would have given it five bats as it is such an awesome adventure. I can't wait to see what else Zack gets himself into! But as I am an adult I do love me, my details. So sometimes I felt like this was lacking a bit of that in some areas. Though with kids I understand why you wouldn't go heavy with such things.
Overall I thoroughly adored this tale and highly recommend it to kids, I think it's one they will truly love.

4.5 Bats

Will disturb your being

You'll never believe who's wearing the Tinker Bell costume, had me cracking up! 

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