Sunday, September 8, 2013

Summer Songs (32) Paperweight

"I want to make you laugh
Mess up my bed with me
Kick off the covers
I'm waiting
Every word you say I think
I should write down
I don't want to forget"
"Come daylight
Happy to lay here
Just happy to be here
I'm happy to know you
Play me a song
Your newest one
Please leave your taste on my tongue"
"And no need to worry
That's wastin time
And no need to wonder
What's been on my mind
It's you"
I just absolutely love this song. It sweeps me away, calms me, and lets my over active imagination create movie moments. Let me day dream of romance and who doesn't love that haha. I don't know what it is but this song just give me chills. I think most can see why....or hear why haha.
Plus, this gave me an idea to start a journal for my man, as if I was writting to him. Sadly where he is right now the mailing system sucks so I probably won't be hearing from him till next month.
Happy Listening Everybody!

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