Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Songs (31) See You Tonight & Let Her Go

"Girl, you know I love talking to you on the phone
I could listen to your sweet voice all night long
Sometimes I can get by with a sweet dreams baby good night,
But this time, well, I don't wanna spend it alone

So I'm coming over, I hope it's alright
Listen for me pulling into your drive
Look out your window – you'll see my lights
Baby girl, I gotta see you tonight
The way the breeze is blowing, blowing
Got me wishing I was holding, holding
Holding you so tight under that porch light
But girl, I gotta see you tonight, tonight, tonight
Girl, I gotta see you tonight, tonight, tonight.

I got a couple hundred pictures of your pretty face
On my phone, on my dash – all over the place
But I would drive a million miles
Just to see that little smile in real life
baby, it's worth the drive,
You're worth the drive."
"No, I don't care what time it is,
I just gotta get a little moonlight kiss
Girl, I can't help it when I feel like this
There's only one thing to do
Baby, I'm missing you"
So, if you can't tell I just love this song! And the video....of course I tear up when I see it. Especially when they zoom in on his boots at the end....cause home is where his boots are <3 Always!
Missing him crazy but I can't wait to see him in November for the ball! So excited!
Happy Listening Everybody!

This song has just gotten stuck in my head recently.

Let Her Go- Passenger

Happy Sunday!


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