Sunday, September 1, 2013

Movie Review: The Host

A race of aliens who are non corporeal go from planet to planet looking for hosts. They come to Earth and basically take over human bodies. Now it's believed that once they take over a body all memories of the previous inhabitant are gone. And there are some humans who have remain hidden from them and are basically a resistance movement. So an alien charged with locating them known as the Seeker captures one of them a girl named Melanie and puts one of them who is known as Wanderer in her body, in hopes of finding out where the humans are.
But Melanie for some reason is still there and she convinces Wanderer not to say anything to Seeker. Wanderer feels empathy for the humans. When Seeker is disappointed at her lack of progress, she informs Wanderer that she'll be removed and placed in a new host and she will be placed in Melanie. Melanie knowing she can't convince her the way she convinced Wanderer convinces Wsnderer to run away and they can meet with the humans. Eventually they find...
~My Thoughts~
I'm actually quite surprised on how much I enjoyed this one. I was going in it with low expectations because you all know how much I'm not a big fan of the Twilight movies. But once it started and moved quickly with the story, I was hooked. I just couldn't help but smile whenever there was a bicker between Wanderer (Wanda) and Melanie, especially when it came to the boys. I was so into this movie, even after it was over I wanted to watch it again haha.
You all know the basic plot and there happens to be a love triangle, well, on the outside it looks like a triangle but we all know it’s a square. Two females, one body and two boys fighting for their own time with that one body. Sounds bad that way, huh? In retrospect, it’s actually done with grace and I was so surprised on how much I liked it. In the beginning we're able to see, through flashes of memory, how Melanie (the host body) fell for Jared. How this was done was beautifully and of course you couldn't help but swoon over the scenes.
Then when Wanderer found the colony of humans we got to watch her fall for Ian. It seemed fast and a little cliché because he pretty much, later in the movie, became her protector so of course that helped with the falling for each other. But other than that, I still enjoyed watching them fall together. I loved the scene where Ian held in is hands one of the aliens, of what Wanderer truly looks like, and in his eyes you could tell he still loved her no matter what, another swoon worthy scene.
But the thing is the romance didn't take over or take anything away from the story. This movie is so thrilling, so sitting on the edge of your seat, so spine chilling that even I was afraid that I might get cornered by The Seeker. Ooh, that scene on the freeway was so, ugh, I just got goose bumps and a fear prickled its way through me. This movie was crafted beautifully and will have you glued to the screen.
Overall, it’s one of those movies where I can watch over and over again. The story is woven amazingly together, throughout I was wondering why Melanie/Wanderer was so important to the Seeker and at the end it makes so much since. But before you find out the twist there you'll probably be just like me and go, "why don't you just give up seeker, I'm sure there's more people to host so why is this one so important to you." That might get to you and the other one, at least for me, was a lack of action. There is action, but like always, the trailer makes it seem like there's more. Other than that I loved this movie and I think everyone should give it a chance.
Will disturb your being
Happy Viewing Everybody!

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