Thursday, September 12, 2013

I've discovered that I have a muse

My friend back in July, while we were house sitting, asked me what my muse was. And me being me, couldn't really think of anything once I was put into the spotlight. So I came up blank then spoke out the typical. Music, movies, books, the occasional person but nothing that really came from the heart.

Well fast forward to now, a couple months later, and a Facebook friend posted this picture bringing that memory forth.


Seeing it made something click and the answer to her question is just so obvious. I couldn't believe I didn't think of it sooner.

My man is my muse.

I'm sure you all saw that coming haha. No, but really he is. I'm living an actually life because of him, I'm getting out of the house more (more than just going to school), and I have a whole bunch of friends that I can't live without. And he's helping me come out of my shell, I'm a very country gal now and loving it haha.

But what inspires me most is our relationship, the memories we have created. They help me most in writing the romance parts of my books, which I was never really good at cause it never felt right. Something always felt off and I knew why, cause I’ve never had a boyfriend before (19th year was my lucky one). So all I had to go off of was things I’ve read or seen from the movies.  

Now all my new projects I'm working on feel so much more real and not try hard because I've experience things. Because of this I'm just flying through the writing and I find I have more passion for these projects because of it. Though I've slowed down a bit cause of life but I plan on changing that real soon. I've got to make sure I have new chapters to send off to my man as he just can't enough of them haha. He's inspired me so much for this new book series of mine, I just can't believe it.
Here's some unedited snippets of my New Adult Paranormal (of what he has inspired in me):
Scene 1
As I do he watches without a word. He's like that for a while, the silence going longer than I am comfortable with. When I finish chewing, I wipe my mouth and ask, "What," then crack a smile cause I just can't help myself when I am around him.
When he doesn’t answer right away or more like I don't give him enough time to, I ask again, "What," with a bigger smile and a cute little snicker escapes from between my lips.
He smiles and sighs out a laugh too, "I love when you do that."
I roll my eyes and shy away. "Uh huh and why is that?"
Raising my eye brows playfully, I wait for him to answer. "Because it’s cute when you squirm. Plus, when you ask it brings out that goofy smile of yours and I just love that goofy smile."
Scene 2
I met Lander through a friend and we hit it off. But as friends. We hung out most of the two weeks before he shyly asked me out. I said yes, without comprehending exactly what just happened as I'm not used to guys asking me out. So we were both nervous but in an adorable way. Especially as he walked me home from school as he kept asking over and over if I truly wanted to go out with him. I laughed as I said yes over and over again. A couple days later he asked me to be his girlfriend and then after that I started to crush, hard.
Scene 3
Lander was my first. My first kiss, my first boyfriend, and now my first time. Which wasn’t as scary as I thought it might be. Yes it was a bit awkward for a while as it took forever for him to come into me as it was just so painful. And god I was just so tight. I guess my body is just as stubborn as me. But it was great nonetheless. I trusted him and he had patients for me. So he worked most of his efforts to loosen me up so it wouldn't be so painful the next time he tried. However with his efforts on trying to make me comfortable he would show that he was nervous too. It was both our first time. I couldn't believe that he was a virgin because of how gorgeous he was. But he was proud that he was and didn’t care who knew it.
Some of these things are based off of us, so in these stories you’ll be getting to know me better.  He’s also inspired my new adult erotic novella. Well him and a dream, though in my dream I didn’t show much of the sex haha. It was a dream that felt so creepily real that I just had to write it. Now, once I finish it and what not, I hope to publish it. I’ve already got an awesome cover for it, though I’m not showing it any time soon haha.
I so badly want to talk more about my new book series but as I haven’t even finished the first one, I know I shouldn’t. But when I do finish (cause I will) and when I get it published (cause I damn am, whether traditionally or indie), I’ll do more parts on how much he’s truly inspired me. These books no doubt are being dedicated to him. Because they wouldn’t have existed if he wasn’t in my life.
I hope you've enjoyed those scenes!
Thanks for stopping by!
Hope to have part two up soon, haha.


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