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Knockout Challenge Review: Bound To Remember (Spellbound #1) by Lola James

Bound to Remember (Spellbound, #1)
Bound To Remember (Spellbound #1) by Lola James
Publication Date: October 26th 2011
Genre: New Adult/ Adult Paranormal Romance
Pages: 116
Format: Kindle
Source: Author
Vampires and Witches and Myths, oh my!

Dr. Toni Hollander is a resident ER Doctor. She happens to be the brightest star in the hospital that is until the new nurse shows up.

Nurse Ben Slaton is trying to escape his recent heroism and the fame of being Nurse Hero, when Ben finds himself in Toni’s ER, he can’t believe his eyes; Toni has an uncanny resemblance to an old friend of his. When they are paired up for his orientation, Toni find’s she can’t take her eyes off Ben either, he's just too irresistible.

Enter Kevin Cooper, Toni’s sexy but arrogant Ex. Kevin can’t help but be jealous when Ben arrives with eyes for Toni.

An unexpected kiss between Toni and Ben heats up but fizzles when Ben’s secret is revealed… yep he’s a vampire.

Ben insists that Toni is in danger knowing what he is and in order to keep herself safe she enlist the help of her best friend, a self-proclaimed witch named of Annie. Annie is eager to help but she has a little more than magic up her sleeve…
~My Thoughts~

I know novellas are short and fast paced but I wish the relationships in them could truly develop and not feel like “lust at first” sight cause that's what they feel like to me in all the New Adult novellas. I think this and two other things were the only problems I had with this short, the rest was enjoyable. It's light and fun with the mixing of mythology. Mixing vampires and Greek gods was a blast and I can totally see it, most definitely an original idea. Now if only this tale was longer so things could develop more gracefully.
The second problem I had was the voice of the main character, Toni (Antonia). Sometimes she sounded mature and other times she didn't. When she didn't sound mature it always felt like it was at the wrong times, like when she's at work. She's a Dr. and sometimes at the work place I didn't feel like she was always professional. Which had me wondering what her age was?
One unprofessional thing she did that bugged me is when she cried for a patient of hers, that died, in the break room around her coworkers. Now I'm not insensitive but I know how professional they have to be, and they can't ever be like that in front of people. Plus, the author wrote that it isn't her first patient to die (also this patient, she met her a few hours before she past so it’s not like she really knew her). So this got me thinking again, does she burst into tears every time one of them past? If so, then how does she stay in work if it always gets to her? Look, I've been around nurses my whole life so I know they have to hide their emotions so they can get the job done. If they don't hide them, then they can freeze and lose a patient. So that scene just got to me.
Another thing I didn't like was the rush of the ending. It came fast and I wished it didn't, especially since it held a lot of twists. Which led me to feel like those twist couldn't truly develop properly.
But other than those things, I did enjoy it. I was able to get hooked and fall into the storyline. I'm very interested to see what happens next so I will most definitely continue this series. P.S it’s free on Amazon so if this peeks your interest then I most definitely recommend you downloading it.


Gives you a good haunting
Sweet Readings Everybody!


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