Saturday, November 23, 2013

Cutepolish Adventures

Cutepolish is a channel on YouTube and I absolutely love it! It's about a female that does simple nail designs. So instead of wasting money at a salon, you can take the time and do them yourselves!
I've done quite a few and it's so much fun! Yesterday I did one for the up coming season and I think it's my best one so far! It's simple, cute, gorgeous, and absolutely perfect for Christmas.
I know, I know it's not Christmas yet.....but a girl can't help herself sometimes. Not when the design looks like this!

All you'll need is:
Clear base and top coat
Red and Green for the bases
White for Santa's suit
Black and gold for the belts
A dotting tool or toothpick
I didn't have a solid gold, so I used the one from my crackle collection and I think for my personal style, it suits me better!
In just a few simple steps, you too can have this fun design for the holidays! To learn how, just follow this video. I promise, you'll have a blast!
Until next time....<3
Sweet designing everybody!


  1. That looks fantastic! I love all things nails and nail art! I hardly ever do mine these days, I really should do them more often!

  2. @Jaimie- Thanks! Me too, that's why I love her channel!