Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Would you like to buy an Ad Space on Paranormal Sisters?

Hey Everyone!
A couple nights ago this idea came to me and now I'm going to pursue it! So thanks to the help of my good friend, Jaimie Admans, I'll be able to offer ad space to anyone that wants to promote their books or blogs!
She's my awesome designer and here's some examples of what she can do!
If you like what you see, here are the prices!
$5/per week anywhere on my sidebars
$8/per week to be at the top of the sidebars
$10/per week to sit above the posts
Now my stats:
Page views a month 18,000+
Blog Followers 153
Twitter Followers 1000+
Facebook Likes 200+
Bloglovin 80+
So, if you're interested email me here dashley1992@gmail.com with the subject title "Ad Space Request"
Send me what you have in mind on what you want your ad to look like, with pictures and size you'd like to do! And then tell me what you'd like to purchase and for how long, along with the link you'd like your ad to send people to!
If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask!
Thanks for stopping by!

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