Monday, November 23, 2015

Book Review: Switched (My Sister the Vampire #1) by Sienna Mercer

Switched (My Sister The Vampire #1) by Sienna Mercer
Publication Date: July 24th, 2007
Genre: Middle Grade Paranormal
Pages: 199
Format: Paperback
Source: Library
Read: November 16th to 17th, 2015


When Olivia Abbott moves to town, she's excited to join the cheerleading team and make new friends. Then she meets Ivy Vega. At first, Ivy, pale and dressed all in black, looks like Olivia's opposite. Then the girls look beyond the glittery pink blush and thick black eyeliner to discover they're identical--identical twins!

Olivia and Ivy are brimming with plans to switch places and pull every twin trick in the book. But Olivia soon discovers that she and Ivy aren't exactly the same. Ivy's a vampire. And she's not the only one in town.

~My Thoughts~

Honestly, this might be a short review because I don't have a lot to say about Switched. But what I do have to say is that this was indeed a fun book to read! It was absolutely easy to get lost in this world, I was breezing right through the pages (which is probably why I don't have much to say). I enjoyed reading behind both Ivy and Olivia's point of view, though I do wish we got to know them a little bit more instead of all we saw was what they presented to the outside world. 

I wished we got more in depth about the characters and about the fact that Ivy is a vampire. I thought the vampire aspect was going to be more in the open but instead Ivy made sure to hide it from Olivia, so we didn't get to the vampire part of the book till way way later in the book. But these little problems of mine will be fixed in the sequel and we'll be getting more of the characters and more of the vampire world so I'm thrilled to get my hands on the sequel!

Also, I'm really happy that Ivy didn't get easily swept into the popular clique and followed Charlotte like some airhead. Instead she stood up for herself and her sister. I think that was a great positive scene for younger girls. Ivy's character is definitely a model for younger girls as she works hard towards her dream of making the cheerleading squad even though there's a negative force trying to bring her down.  

Overall, I think this would be a fun read for Middle schoolers and younger, I'm sure even people older then teenagers will enjoy this light read (I'm turning 23 in 1 1/2 weeks). 

Sweet Readings Everybody!