Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Book Review: Hunted Holiday (Bureau of Paranormal Investigation #1) by Mandy M. Roth

Hunted Holiday (Bureau of Paranormal Investigation #1) by Mandy M. Rot
Publication Date: December 15th, 2014
Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance
Pages: 84
Format: ebook
Source: Free on Amazon
Read: November 13th, 2015


Dani Malloye hates the holidays, and with good reason. Though her best friend tries to force the Christmas spirit on her with giant Santas and elves that light up, she'd rather spend her time doing what she does best--enforcing paranormal law on the streets of Chicago. Nothing like a little evil bloodshed to lighten the mood. Besides, work means she can spend time with her sexy boss, Cornell Sutton. Too bad Cornell is uptight, her new neighbor, and a vampire. Everyone knows slayers and vampires just don't mix. Or do they?

Please note: Title was available for a limited time in the Kiss of Christmas Magic Box Set that is no longer for sale.

~My Thoughts~

I think I'm starting to get tired of short stories. We get to know a little bit about the characters and then they hook up, I've read quite of few of these stories lately so after reading this I felt- meh..... 

I enjoyed it, but I thought there was going to be more paranormal activities and not the little bits we got with them telling us what happened the night before. I liked reading from both point of views, I always think that's refreshing. But overall I enjoyed getting to know all the characters more then when the two main characters rolled around between the sheets. From the subtitle this looks like it's a first in the series, but I honestly don't see it having a sequel. There's not much of a story to continue.

Sweet Readings Everybody!

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