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{Release Day Love + Review} Promise You (A Roommate Romance and Red Hot Heroes Erotic Story) by Rene Folsom

Promise You (A Roommate Romance and Red Hot Heroes Erotic Story) by Rene Folsom
Publication Date: November 3rd, 2015
Genre: Adult Romance
Pages: 103
Format: ebook
Source: Author
Read: October 27th to 29th, 2015


** ALL sales of this title made on or before November 15th, 2015 will benefit the WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT **

Danielle never realized just how much her brother meant to her until reality slapped her in the face, forcing her to wake up and pay attention. After a shattering tour overseas, Dylan returned home to live with Danielle. Knowing he needed more care than his sister could provide, Dylan invites his battle buddy, Travis, to come live with them.

After a rather unorthodox meeting, sparks begin to fly between Danielle and Travis. However, both of them know just how difficult it will be for their relationship to blossom without Dylan’s blessing, leaving them conflicted about how far they want to take it. Travis wants nothing more than to earn Dylan’s approval—to promise that he will cherish her—always.

Once Travis realizes he can no longer keep his affection for Danielle a secret, things become complicated and the boundaries between friendship and love cloud his future.

This Veteran’s Day, find home in the heart of our heroes with Promise You, part of the Red Hot Heroes multi-author series and stands alone for reading enjoyment.

** Promise You is an erotic romance short story for ADULTS ONLY! This novella is roughly 25,000 words and contains a hot sexual affair between a young military veteran and his buddy’s sexy sister. **


~My Thoughts~

This was a sweet tale and by the end of it I was a little bit smitten by it. Though I wished Danielle and Travis didn't keep their relationship secret for so long because I wished we could have seen them go on a real date, but other than that it was an enjoyable read. 

Being a military wife it did break my heart watching Dylan go through with having to adjust to his new life and I'm glad Travis was there for him because I know from some scenes it was hard for Dylan to show his sister how weak he's become even though Danielle could handle it because she's a nurse but it's partly a pride thing for Dylan. In his eyes he went from being a hero to needing help to go to the bathroom, it can't be easy on anyone that has to go through that. I think Mrs. Folsom wrote this really well. 

Overall though I was nervous to read it because of the military aspect (when you watch military movies with your marine who nit picks everything they get wrong it starts to rub off you, I was afraid I would be nit picking things in this book) but instead I was devouring this book! I enjoyed being in this world, Mrs. Folsom is definitely one of my go to authors!

*Was given a copy from the author in exchange for my honest review*

~About The Author~

Rene Folsom

As an award-winning web and graphic designer, Rene Folsom has always grasped the ability to transform information into art. After many years in the design industry, capturing the attention of the reader with great graphics was no longer her only goal. While her artistic side will always be her source of inspiration, Rene has found that branching out into the literary world with her heartfelt, romantic, and rather steamy stories by combining her love of art and reading, was just the next step in her journey.

Being a mother of three and wife of one, Rene has had to juggle career, kids, family, grocery shopping, and stain removal. Years of experience has provided her plenty of creative material to work with. Using both words and design, taking these very different experiences and bringing them all to paper has proven to be quite enjoyable for both writer and reader alike.

Obtaining her degree from Santa Fe State College in Gainesville, Florida, Rene studied everything from fine arts to sculpture and vocals, but found her true artistic inspiration when she took off to Italy after graduation.

Still residing on the beaches of sunny Central Florida, Rene Folsom now adds the title of “author” to her belt, providing contemporary and paranormal romance stories to her readers. If you like stories that ratchet up your heart rate and make you lose your breath, then basque in the glow of your eReader and let one of Rene’s books take your heart, body, and soul on a journey.

Sweet Readings Everybody!

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