Friday, December 14, 2012

New Covers & Hard to Paper Covers (1)

New Covers
New Covers is another feature that I am presenting on the blog this week. Me, Dashley, is going to be the main to be hosting this feature. Now, what is this new feature about you ask. Well, it’s about where I talk about books that decide to have a makeover! ^_^
So, here we go.
 Today I’m showcasing The Intruders (Visitors Trilogy #1) by Logan Rutherford. Here’s my review for it!  
It’s interesting, looks professional, love the color choices but I don’t think it says much to the readers about the book. It may make sense once you read it, however, I’ve read it and it still really didn’t click. It made sense to Logan I’m sure but I wished for more sense for me (the reader) you know? I still like it but I love the newer one. Moving on….
I freaking love this! ^_^ It’s interesting, its most definitely professional looking, the colors are vivid and they make it stand out, the guy standing there looks creepy and alien like as he is bending a little awkwardly while holding that stick.
Me, personally, I love this one over the other one! That light in the background seriously catches my eyes (like, really dude). I don’t know why it is but when I see covers with a light like that I’m just so freaking drawn to it. Eh, I want! haha ^_^
The wording is great, big and it just flows. I love the saying above the title, it helps intrigues the wannabe reader. God, seriously! Logan this new cover you gave to The Intruders is amazing. It tells a story and causes you to want to buy it.
I can probably gush all day but since I made my points I think I’ll end it here. Logan, great job!
New Covers Hard to Paper
This one is where I talk about the books that decided to change cover designs when they switch to paperback.
Now, sometimes I am okay with it but others….
…..really, must you.
And that is one of the reasons why I am presenting Born Wicked (The Cahill Witch Chronicles#1) by Jessica Spotswood this week.

Seriously, one word, gorgeous! Its eye catching, unique, you’re drawn to it, and it’s very mysterious. Very! It’s beautiful and I can’t wait to see the sequels cover, really hope it matches or they don’t decide to change the theme of it as some series are starting to do.
Great cover for a great story line! <3
Now onto the paperback
Yes, it is a beautiful cover but I just feel like it doesn’t really represent the book or the story line. The colors are great, the moon and female are just fine, and the wording is enchanting. However, the craws (or ravens if you prefer) I really don’t get. Since mainly that has nothing to do with the story!?! If they used the white feathers from the book trailer and that scene in the book (my favorite by the way) then I think it’ll be an amazing cover.
Now since they didn’t and they choose the craws instead. Okay, maybe it can go with the story only by the word Wicked in the title. But that’s it!?! I see like no other reason to have the craws. So that is like my main reason why I’m not its biggest fan.
So, there you have it. My new feature and I hope you liked it! ^_^
Happy Reading Everybody!

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