Saturday, December 15, 2012

Review: Secrets (Boys of Summer #1)

Secrets (Boys of Summer #1) by Richard Denney
Publication Date: August 4th 2012
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Pages: 123
When Declan, a vampire, is sent back to Bullock to retrieve a magical talisman from a family, he can't help but fall for the family's teenage son Riley. But when things begin to threaten their relationship, it's up to Delcan and his coven to put a stop to it all... before it's too late.
*If you haven't noticed but this is a romance between two guys, so, this may make some people a bit uncomfortable*
I enjoyed this little novella. It was a fast, entertaining read! And I can’t wait to read the second one ^_^
However, I must talk about a few things that I didn’t like about it. One, the fact that vampires need to be invited in *spoil alert* so when Declan’s friend/brother of his coven goes through Riley’s second floor window to retrieve the all so powerful bracelet, it bugged me. Since you know, they need to be invited in!?! So how the hell did he get in? *end of spoiler*.
Second, it was a little too fast for me. If Richard Denney slowed it down just a little bit I think I would have extremely enjoyed this so much more. Here’s a few things I hoped he would have slowed down, 1) *spoil alert* Declan confessing is love to Riley. Seriously, I know Declan has been watching Riley for some time now so he knows a little bit more of Riley and has time to form these feels but what I didn’t like was how easily Riley had accepted Declan’s feelings. Though, thank fully he didn’t say it back since they’ve only known each other for a week. But how calmly and sure that he too would soon fall for him. Maybe but maybe not. I don’t know, something like that you can’t just take it so calmly. *end of spoiler* Even when my boyfriend told me that he loved me my heart was about to burst out of my chest with all the feelings I was experiencing and none of them were calm feelings, haha.    
2) okay I don’t want to spoil anything else since it is so short and there’s a lot more you can spoil because of the length size. Which brings me to talking about the last thing I wanted him to slow down was when we find out something about a certain someone. One minute we suspect something isn’t right and then the next it’s confirm. And all it did to me was, what the hell just happen!?! Again, I wanted the buildup before the reveal of the truth.
Overall, it’s a fun read and I truly, truly enjoyed it. It was nice finishing a read in a day ^_^! It’s a great accomplishment when you are so busy with a semester of school. The story line was fun and I liked the other paranormal creature/myth within and I can’t wait to read more of these characters. It’ll hook you and isn’t that what readers look for.

 Check it out, you just might like it!
Happy Reading Everybody!

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