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Movie Review: Evil Dead

Evil Dead
Publication Date: April 5, 2013
Five twenty-something friends become holed up in a remote cabin. When they discover a Book of the Dead, they unwittingly summon up dormant demons living in the nearby woods, which possess the youngsters in succession until only one is left intact to fight for survival.
~My Thoughts~
Learning new facts about this movie has shined some light on it for me, though only kind of ha-ha.
The original director and main guy, Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell, were producers of this remake so it kind of opened my eyes. As producer's you get to put in a lot of say in the movie so this remake I believe could have been their way of making it the way they may have wanted to make it originally but couldn't cause of the time they were in but this is just a thought that came to mind, nothing else.
“We’re gonna get you, not another peep, time to go to sleep…”
Anyways, if you are a big fan of the original then this may not come to your liking. You may enjoy it but in the back of your mind you'll still be comparing it to the original. However, horror and gore fans alike may ignore that comparing feeling and get lost in the movie as I did. Though the part I missed oh so dearly was the campy B movie humor and feel. This one is more on the horror and creepy side with little humor as the cherry on top. The humor and cheesiness of the original is what made it a favorite of mine and since this remake fell short on that side of things, it made it a little less enjoyable as that was a major thing I compared to the original.
But the lack of cheesy humor this movie had captured my attention anyway and it blew my mind with a lot of WTF moments. There are a lot of scenes where my eyes go wide and my mind screams "WTF did I just see?!?!" The first scene is where the girl is running through the woods and then gets stuck and grabbed at by a bunch of branches. This is where the evil spirit comes into her. If you’ve seen the original, which you can watch on Netflix, the evil goes into her mouth and changes her. But in this one (which not only caught me off guard, it also caught everyone else in the audience off guard) was the spirit crawling up her leg, going up her dress and then disappearing into the first hole it found on her body.....yeah, her vagina if you hadn't have guessed it already. Sorry if you are younger than 15 but I just thought I forewarned you, my readers.
From there on are major WTF moments but that in my eyes are what made this a good and entertaining horror movie, one that I am sure will stand out to you. Another thing I like about horror movies is the stupidity the characters are in most of the time and it’s just fun screaming at them "Don't do it you idiot" ha-ha I do that but only when I am at home, never at the movies and/or in the public. And there are quite a few moments like that here and there within this movie.
Overall, this is a bloody good tale and horror lovers will just eat it up. Not once did I feel bored or confused about the story that was being told to me. Yes, compared to the original, this one was a bit slow in the beginning but I don't think it'll bore you. All the characters were great and acted very well, very great at being creepy. Sadly the little down side about the beginning was Jane Levy as her character reminded me too much of Kristen Stewart and let’s just say I ain't a big fan of her. But thankfully, Jane Levy breaks free of that and takes on a whole new and utterly creepy character. Tongue slicing anyone? *Shudder*
Will disturb your being

For the fan in me of the original
Happy Viewing Everybody!

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