Thursday, April 4, 2013

Movie Review: Secret of the Wings

Secret of the Wings (Tinker Bell #4) by Disney
Premiere Day: August 16, 2012
Tinker Bell meets Periwinkle and ventures into the winter woods with her and Tinker Bell's other friends to find the secret of fairy wings.
~My Thoughts~
I just absolutely adore Tinker Bell and the movie series Disney has going on. They all bring out the child likeness within me and cause me to flutter with joy throughout Tinker Bells big adventures.
Disney is great at making things feel extremely magical and this one does not fall short of that feeling. Seeing more sides of the fairies world is fun and we get a bit of a taste of a new season. Winter woods is off limits to summer fairies but of course Tinker has no meaning to follow that rule that was created by someone of a surprise, cause it hurt the one she loved. Tinker of course being the ever curious one of the group, she just has to go investigate the border line between her world and the elusive Winter woods.

Helping her friend Fawn lead some cute little animals into the Winter Woods (just love this scene! ^_^) she decides to jump the border and while over in the Winter woods she gets a surprise, one that of course will lead her into her latest adventure.
After she gets a new sparkle in her life, she starts her search for the reasoning behind it. Which leads her to the fairies library and omg, you guys! They have these adorable bookworms that just love eating the books and it made my bookworm heart flutter with joy, putting a bigger smile on my face! Here she also finds out that she needs to go to the Winter Woods to find out why her wings had sparkle to life in the Winter Woods, so you know what that means.
The pacing for this latest journey of Tinker Bells was great. The magic that comes with entering the Winter Woods is amazing, charming, and makes you jump with joy. The Winter Woods is quite beautiful and the fairies that live within are quite a hoot! And the keepers home, my oh my, it is a beauty. Plus, he is a quirky one and will play a big role. Here Tinker Bell will have a few miss adventures which will lead her into dangerous situations, giving the movie a thrill factor.
Overall, the action is fun and when we get to see why her wings began to sparkle it will most definitely pull at your heart strings. I believe this one out of the series does that the most, pulls our heart strings as we she Tinker Bells struggle to being with her sister. Plus, we get to see another struggle going on within the warm fairy kingdom, involving the ever sweet Queen. This sub plot creates a humble feeling with in the movie. Also, all of Tinker’s main friends I still absolutely just love. They all still have their own quirky lives and my favorite one just has to be Rosetta, the garden fairy the just loathes getting dirty ha-ha. Her sense of humor is great and her love for men, well that gif below will help explain a bit about why I love that about her ha-ha.
It will take possession over you 

Happy Viewing Everybody!


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