Friday, December 30, 2011

Annie Claus is Coming to Town

This year, Santa’s daughter (Maria Thayer) takes her first trip away from the North Pole during the Christmas season hoping to find adventure and love in sunny California. While Santa watches his daughter through a magic snow globe, Annie arrives in L.A. and becomes friends with the owner of Candy Cane Inn, Lucy (Vivica A. Fox), and her daughter, Mia (Nay Nay Kirby). She also quickly lands a job at Wonderland Toys. Wonderland Toys’ owner, Ted (Sam Page) is struggling to stay in business selling old-fashioned toys in a digital world. Annie soon realizes that she wants Ted’s business to thrive because she has feelings for this Christmas traditionalist.

Annie also knows that when she finds her true love, she and her mate will move back to the North Pole to take over the family business. But Santa isn’t the only one watching Annie through the looking glass. So is a senior Santa Elf who himself wants to inherit the Ho Ho Ho of Holidays, so much so that he hires a Hollywood actor to feign affection for Annie. Although Annie temporarily falls for the impostor, she realizes there is something about Ted that is unforgettable. Will Annie’s choice make her Christmas -- and everyone else’s -- merry and bright?

Don't you just love it when you get so wrapped up in a movie and all of a sudden you start screaming at the TV "will you just kiss" or "kiss her already", well.....this is one of those movies just with a little bit more of a kick because it's Christmas.

This story is about Annie Claus, played by Maria Thayer (hopefully most of you should know her from Accepted...a favorite in my family), who is about to take her first trip away from home, the north pole. She's going to see what's out there before she makes the decision of taking over the family business.

Here, in L.A, she meets a cast of great people even though her father was afraid that she wouldn't. Except he was right- at least for one. Staying at the Candy Cane motel (love the name) she meets the owner, played by Vivica A. Fox, and her daughter Mia and those two bring a certain attitude to the rest of the flair in the film. I love how quickly they bounded and how protective Vivica's character was towards Annie, especially when it came to a certain guy named Dean. 

"Don't you ever run after no man, you hear me."
Mia, "Okay."
"Not a good look."

One day it looks like Annie is walking on school grounds, because she agreed to become the new director to Mia's pageant, and she happens to step upon a flier to a toy store called Wonderland Toys. Intrigued by the name she goes over there but when she walks in she doesn't like what she sees. Being a fan of toys, she starts to reorganize the store and works on making it look better. The owner Ted sees what she's doing and at first he's a little offended but afterwards he sees she's right. That goes through out the movie for a while.

Now Dean...oh Dean, how I hate you. But it's okay were supposed to. Being the bad guy, he charms his way into Annie's life only so she'll say she'll stay and that way someone else can take over the North Pole. Naughty, Naughty boys.   

I loved the characters they help make this one stand out from all the other Hallmark Christmas specials this year. Ted's slow but heartwarming romance with Annie will have anyone smiling and swooning. There were moments I wished they heard me screaming at them through the TV. Like the ice skating scene *chills* I loved that scene. I loved how you see a change in him towards Christmas and faith, thanks to Annie, which helps him fall and fall deep. Every time he looked at her you could just tell....tell that she's the only women on his mind. A girls dream, right? But sadly Annie doesn't see it. It doesn't always have to be the first guy you're eyes sight on.   

I don't really have anything bad to say about this one. I loved every minute of it and was sad every time I had to pause it just because of something noisy going on in my household.

This movie will have your heart warming the icicles away from the winters chill. From it's sassy characters to the hope we humans need to believe in once in a while. This is a must see and not only for the great actors/actress.

Happy Viewing Everybody!

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