Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Godmother

The Godmother by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
Publication Date: December 1st, 95
Genre: Fantasy Goodreads

One day in Seattle, social worker Rose Samson donned a crystal pendant from her friend's vintage clothing shop and made a wish for a fairy godmother to save "the whole damned city".

Enter Felicity Fortune, with her silver hair, strange clothes, and magical powers. She is Rose's wish come true. She shines a light of hope on this city of lost souls. And she lives in every heart that ever dared to dream …

Going old school here.

Picking it up because of the cover and buying it for it's concept I was ready to read a light hearted easy read that would help me get over my reading funk.

Instead I got the darker side of Fairy Tales. Which I don't mind, I was just surprised by it is all. More depressing, in a way, and less Disney like.  

The characters I liked. Felicity with her silvery being, Rose and her wanting to help everyone even if it means no sleep for her, Fred being a charming man in uniform, too, wanting to help without getting much sleep, Puss a talking cat (what's not to love there), and the toad with an attitude.  

The Fairy Tales are main ones we know. Cinderella, Snow White, Hansel & Gretel. I liked the first two. Cindy Ellis was a lighter character for me. She seemed just a bit brighter even though her evil stepsisters caused her to be miserable. I liked most reading her scenes. Sno is a teenage girl with an absent father only caring about his career as a rock star, though we find out he cares more than she knows. She's tough and can kick ass though sometimes I'm a little surprise to what comes out of her mouth.

And then there's the Fairy Tale of Hansel & Gretel. In the beginning you see there parents struggling with ends mean and that they have to move in with their mothers sister, their aunt. Whom isn't a very good influence on their mother. Parents getting angry attitudes, their mom back to being a stripper & father mad that he has no job runs away with out them sure of him coming back.

Their mom starts dating a rich guy but he doesn't like children so of course she decides to try to dump off her kids at the mall but it doesn't work, the first time. The second time she did a better job at it. The kids go looking for the police but Gigi, the youngest, gets distracted by a gingerbread house the size for a person, an adult person. 

Now, I'm not naive, I know child molesting goes on in the world but does that mean I want to read about it......no. There isn't a detailed scene just suggestions of the subject but nonetheless I don't want to have it in my books. They are a way of escaping, aren't they? I wanted to rush through those scenes and it kind of turned me off of the book while I was reading. See, here's some of the depressing I was taking about. Definitely not Disney like. 

However, I did enjoy the story. The action when each are trying to save each other. The romance between Fred and Rose. The magic of the Fairy Godmother. And the page turner this book was. The characters were real and these things happen in real life.....sadly. It shows what humans can really do if they put their minds to it. And not in a good way. 

Overall I was happy with how it ended 

Happy Reading!

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