Thursday, December 1, 2011

Know Me Better (3)

Know Me Better is a Weekly Meme hosted by I'm A Reader, Not A Writer.

Each week she'll pick 5 questions off of her author's interview list to answer and invites us to join in on the fun, giving a way for our readers to get to know us better.

If someone wrote a book about your life, what would the title be?
Procrastinator & the Protectionists

If you could have a signed copy of any novel what would it be and why?
My mind automatically goes to The Summoning (Darkest Powers, Book 1) by Kelley Armstrong because she inspired a story within me and that's how my novel became to.  

Horror or Romance?
Horror. I eat, sleep & breathe it. Love. love, love it.

If you could choose only one time period and place to live, when and where would you live and why?
I think it would have to be the Roaring Twenties, when women started to defy the rules we were "supposed"to follow, how society thought we should have acted. I like being a rebel. Plus, I just love the clothes

Do you prefer a bunch of small gifts or one big expensive one?
I think I prefer lots of small gifts, it makes me feel special. And I love that she choice this question because today is my birthday, 19th baby.

Now it's your turn! Share an answer to one or more of these questions as a comment on I Am A Reader, Not A Writer or post your answers on your blog and link up here!

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