Friday, December 16, 2011

Mistletoe Over Manhattan

After sensing her husband is losing his Christmas spirit, Mrs. Claus travels to a place where she knows the spirit of Christmas still exists: New York City.

Love....Love is the true meaning behind Christmas spirit.

And Mrs. Clause believes she can find what she's looking for in New York City because that's where her love began, least, where part of it grew stronger towards Santa Clause.

Sneaking off and away to New York City she'll find out that she seems to have chewed off more than she can handle. 

First, the cab drive to the place she thought she would find Christmas spirit took most of her money and when she got to the department store the doorman wouldn't allow her in because of her luggage. Though, there is a hint that he thinks her to be some kind of crazy old lady as she kept talking about the Christmas spirit. So being detoured away she walks around New York City until she finds a quaint but busy little diner to sit down at. 

"What is this tofu?"
"Tofu....actually I don't know, it's for people who don't eat meat."
"Why would people not eat meat? What are they going to have for Christmas dinner?"

Here she sees even more how bad things are with people. No manners, no love for other people. A kid sees her purse and decides he's going to take it. Luckily for Mrs. Clause a police officer was right there to catch him. This is when she meets Joe Martel the one she'll end up helping to finding the Christmas spirit for her husband.

Joe Martel is sadly getting a divorce from his wife, Lucy Martel, whom he still very much loves. It's just their way of running away from their problems. Now, how Mrs. Clause truly gets into his life even more is he asks her to be a babysitter for the night to his two kids because he gets called on the job and it was supposed to be his night in taking them. You're probably like, why is he taking in a stranger, well because he knows crazy and she ain't it.

Joe and Lucy truly love each other and I just love the story of how they met. A perfect dose for any hopeless romantics out there. This story was sweet and is a great addition to the many, many Christmas movies out there.

All the characters were wonderful. You got the love birds whom can't seem to work it out, you've got the cute little boy who still believes in Santa Clause, a charming Mrs. Clause who believes in true love, a snarky but lovable teenage girl (and believe me, if I were her age when my parents separated then I too would have been snarky) and then the bad boyfriend who only cares about the mother but not the kids. What a jackass. Oh and the funny elf whom believes that Mrs. Clause is cheating on her husband.

 A simple movie with a certain charm will have you glued to the TV.

Happy Viewing!

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