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Perfect (Pretty Little Liars #3)

Perfect (Pretty Little Liars #3) by Sara Shepard
Publication Date: June 1st 2008
Genre: YA Mystery


In a town where gossip thrives like the ivy that clings to its mansions, where mysteries lie behind manicured hedges and skeletons hide in every walk-in closet, four perfect-looking girls aren't nearly as perfect as they seem.

Three years ago, Spencer, Aria, Emily, Hanna, and their best friend Alison were the girls at Rosewood Day School. They clicked through the halls in their Miu Miu flats, tanned in their matching Gucci bikinis, and laughed behind their freshly manicured fingernails. They were the girls everyone loved but secretly hated—especially Alison.

So when Alison mysteriously vanished one night, Spencer, Aria, Emily, and Hanna's grief was tinged with . . . relief. And when Alison's body was later discovered in her own backyard, the girls were forced to unearth some ugly memories of their old friend, too. Could there be more to Alison's death than anyone realizes?

Now someone named A, someone who seems to know everything, is pointing the finger at one of them for Ali's murder. As their secrets get darker and their scandals turn deadly, A is poised to ruin their perfect little lives forever.

Omg, I'm so glad that I went against my gut on buying the first in the series, Pretty Little Liars. I was afraid it would ruin the TV show for me but I believe the book series is so much better.

So much juicer, so many scandals, so much creepier and A can't help but spill the beans faster than the girls can read their text messages. I believe this one is the best- so far. I can not wait to get my hands on the next one, Unbelievable, for some reasons I believe that title should belong to this one more than perfect. Perfect in my eyes is more referred to Hanna but I could be wrong.

It's so unbelievable to the girls of all they find out and what happens to them. Aria is losing her relationship with her mother because Ella is mad that she knew this whole time about the fathers cheating. Emily's family isn't to keen on her new life style and is forcing her to join this program that'll "supposedly" change her back into being straight....or else. We find out it's a lot easier to put a wedge between Hanna and her best friend Mona than it is in the TV series. And Spencer, oh Spencer....we find out a dark secret about her- an even darker secret than her stealing her sisters essay for school.

When things blow up, things blow up and you know A she/he likes to do things big. I feel very bad for these ladies. I don't believe they deserve whats coming to them. So they made mistakes what human being hasn't. They slowly start to see the bigger wrong as they start to remember back to seventh grade and that wrong just maybe being friends with Allison. Being the "it" girl may not always have the perks you want. 

There's so much I want to say but sadly I can't. All I can say is....GO BUY THIS BOOK, just only if you read the others that is. If not then go buy the first Pretty Little Liars you won't regret.

But I can talk about a few things like the little romance that is blooming between Hanna and Lucas (I love him). His sweet and kind and is always there for Hanna no matter what. My favorite chapter with those two in it would be chapter 22. It's so sweet and Hanna feels so much better afterwards. 

I like Sean, his sweet but.....just not right for Aria and what he does to her later in the book, it's just so sad and totally not what I expected to happen. Extremely different from the TV series ladies and gentlemen. So much. Oh, and what Aria does towards Meredith omg I couldn't help but smile and say you go girl, towards the book.  

I like that the girls are more independent than the TV series. They don't cling to each other and their every minute. They live their lives and we get to see more into it. More of what they are struggling with and their emotions towards everything. It's just so.....amazing.

      For a guilty pleasure and for a fast easy read then you should definitely pick this series up. This one will shock you and want to make you run to the nearest store and pick up the next- even if it's close to midnight.

 Careful, careful! I'm always watching!- A

God just writing this post I feel like someones about to jump me.

Happy Reading Everybody!

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