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Review: My Ex From Hell (The Blooming Goddess Trilogy #1) by Tellulah Darling

My Ex From Hell (The Blooming Goddess Trilogy, #1)
My Ex From Hell (The Blooming Goddess Trilogy #1) by Tellulah Darling
Publication Date: April 1st 2013
Genre: YA Fantasy
Pages: 212
Format: Kindle
Source: NetGalley
Sixteen-year-old Sophie Bloom wishes she’d been taught the following:

a) Bad boy’s presence (TrOuBlE) + teen girl’s brain (DraMa) = TrAuMa (Highly unstable and very volatile.)
b) The Genus Greekulum Godissimus is notable for three traits: 1) awesome abilities, 2) grudges, and 3) hook-ups, break-ups, and in-fighting that puts cable to shame.

Prior to the Halloween dance, Sophie figures her worst problems involve adolescent theatrics, bitchy yoga girls, and being on probation at her boarding school for mouthy behaviour. Then she meets bad boy Kai and gets the kiss that rocks her world.


This breath stealing lip lock reawakens Sophie’s true identity; Persephone, Goddess of Spring. She’s key to saving humanity in the war between the Underworld and Olympus, target numero uno of Hades and Zeus, and totally screwed.

Plus there’s also the little issue that Sophie’s last memory as Persephone was just before someone tried to murder her.

Big picture: master her powers, get her memories back, defeat Persephone’s would be assasin, and save the world. Also, sneak into the Underworld to retrieve stolen property, battle the minions of Hades and Zeus, outwit psycho nymphs, slay a dragon, rescue a classmate, keep from getting her butt expelled from the one place designed to keep her safe…

…and stop kissing Kai, Prince of the Underworld.

My Ex From Hell is a romantic comedy/Greek mythology smackdown. Romeo and Juliet had it easy.
~My Thoughts~
Was provided with an advance ebook copy from Te Da Media and NetGalley for an honest review
This was a fun retelling of Persephone. It really was but something for me was holding it back from truly being a great retelling. I think cause I feel like there wasn’t much description to it. It was more tell than show and it bugged me. It was why I couldn't fully connect myself to the story. One minute something was going on here and the next we were shot into some other kind of activity. Because of this feeling in the writing I would have to reread a lot of parts to understand and see the transactions of scenes.
Now just one other thing bugged me and it was Kai, Hades son and Persephone's lover. He was portrayed as a bad guy and yeah, he was at the end. However when you say "Finally" after finding your lost true love you'd think he would act on it. Like if you, after all this time finally found your true love wouldn't you be jumping their bones like crazy. Okay, I understand why he didn’t because Sophie didn’t have all of Persephone's memories, they hadn’t fully returned to her yet. But does that give you permission to flirt with any girl with a pulse. No, it doesn’t. Instead you should be taking the time to figure out how to bring her memories back faster that way you could "finally" have your true love. So yeah, this boy irked me to the t and ooh, I just so wanted to slap him hard across the face. One word for him....Pig. But I get it, the author wanted him to be showed case as a bad guy and she did absolutely well on it.
Okay, so beside those two factors it was an enjoyable. Wished it was a bit smoother but what can I do. Oh, I'm doing it haha. I absolutely adored Hannah. Her and her nerdy facts on animals and all creatures that had a deathly touch to them. Girl knows how to make a threat. Would so want her to be by my side always and always would want to be on her good side haha. Sadly Hannah wasn’t the main girl (not saying Sophie wasn’t great but Hannah had an attitude and spunk like no other) but the main girl, Sophie, yeah she did have some spunk to her too.
She's one that will stand up against the bully and I love it! And she does it in style not the typically way by throwing food on her enemy. I'm talking laxatives and being locked into the bathroom stall that way her enemy can't go off campus and meet up with a certain hottie. Style people, that's what makes me interested.
Anyways, this is where the main plot kicks in. Enter Kai and the most powerful kiss and this will give you an action pack story to tell your grandkids haha. I truly did enjoy this read. It was nonstop action and adventure for this fun cast of characters. But because of my first problem I talked about above sometimes it felt like it was dragging even though it was constant action *shrugs*. All I can say is, if you love greek myth then pick up this book. If you love adventure, seers, dragons, magic, bullies that get put in their place, and a nice trip to the underworld then go for. Just take my forwarnings please.
Will disturb your being
~Aboout The Author~
Tellulah Darling
Tellulah Darling

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