Saturday, May 18, 2013

Review: Paranormal Properties

Paranormal Properties by Tracy Lane
Prublication Date: February 27, 2013
Genre: YA (Really 11+) Paranormal
Pages: 185 (Kindle)

Jake Weir, while on the set of his parents ghost hunting TV show, agrees to help a ghost investigate a 61 year-old murder.

Jake Weir is not like the other kids in Dusk, North Carolina. Then again, Dusk, North Carolina is not like other cities. Known as one of the most haunted cities in America, behind Salem, Massachusetts and New Orleans, Louisiana, Dusk is ground zero for Jake's ghost hunting parents.

The Weir family has arrived in Dusk eager to scope out some of the town's 127 reported "paranormal properties," which just happens to be the name of their own ghost hunting show: Paranormal Properties. What Jake doesn't know, and what his parents could never imagine, is that Jake can see ghosts! And hear them. And talk back to them! This talent comes in handy when he runs into Dusk's oldest, most famous ghost: one Frank Barrone, a one-time lounge singer made famous by his booze-soaked ballad, "Barroom Eyes."

Frank was gunned down by a local mobster in 1951 and has been searching for his killer ever since. When he learns that Jake can see and hear him, Frank makes young Jake a deal: if Jake will help Frank find his killer, Frank will help his parents find a ghost to film for their upcoming Halloween Special on Public Access Channel #319. Jake enlists the only friend he's made in Dusk, an overweight tomboy nicknamed "Tank," to help him track down Frank's killer. As clues emerge and old leads heat up, Frank and Jake learn they make quite a team. But will Jake find Frank's killer? And will Frank find a real haunted house in time for Halloween?
I'm always up for a good ghost story. Especially when they are more fun than scary. It might be considered a YA book but I think it is perfectly okay for ages 11 and up.
Jake is an character you can get behind. Tank, who isn't around for most of the book, is entertaining when she is. Frank, my favorite of the three, is pretty much what I picture a gentleman from the fifties would be like. They make a good group of characters.
The plot is pretty good. The mystery I liked until the end. I won't spoil it but it felt somewhat melodramatic. The part with the mansion, though, was unexpected and it was a good way to and a ghost story. So I was okay with the mysteroes ending but loved the ending of the story. The book, overall, was written well and was an enjoyable and fun read.
I really want to give it four out of five but I just can't quite did that. So it will get a 3.5. It was an fun and enjoyable ghost story that, I thank, anyone can read and enjoy. And I do recomend it.


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