Sunday, May 12, 2013

Summer Songs (21)

"I Want Crazy" is my latest jam, y'all.
This one gives me mix feelings, it makes me want to get up and swing my hips around and it also brings a bit of tears to my eyes. Well, that last feeling is the music videos fault.
In the beginning we see him saying good bye to the love of his life and they've been a part for 3 months, yeah, I might be going through that tomorrow with my love of my life as he'll be heading to boot camp. So you can now see why it brought tears to my eye haha.
Anyways, I absolutely love this song. Actually scratch that, I absolutely love the artist! <3
Hunter Hayes is one guy that can make me move!
Happy Listening Everybody!
Happy Mothers Day to all those wonderful women that have raised us! <3

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