Monday, May 6, 2013

I won a contest, now I have an ad for The Harvesters!

Last week or so I entered a contest running on The Reading Addict by Amber and guess what? I won it!! The prize was an ad for either a blogger or author that she'll make and then put up on here blog for a month *squeal*! And yesterday morning I got the news, it took me a couple of reads of the email for it to fully sink in. But once it did sink in I was squealing happily and bouncing up and down with joy while getting high off of the exciting news.
So now ladies and gentlemen, I have my very first ad for my horror short story The Harvesters (Harvesting Series #1) on The Reading Addict....
.....and the ad is beautiful! Thank you so much Amber (I hope you never grow tired of me saying that haha) but this is exactly what I needed. I was feeling down, having one of those moments where it gets me thinking "What am I doing with my life?" & "Am I doing the right thing with my writing?" Etc....
So this sure did pick me up real well and got me believing in myself again. Thankfully those moments don't last long anyways haha.
Thanks for stopping by!
You guys should totally go check it out! *muah*

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