Friday, May 24, 2013

Review: Telepaths and Traitors

Telepaths and Traitors (Phoenix Chronicles, #1) by K.J. Blaine
Publication Date: October 28, 2012
Genre: Science Fiction
Pages: 246


The year is 2042 and mankind has colonized the solar system. The International Space Alliance emerges in response to the lawlessness teeming in the new frontier. The ISA's most advanced ship, the Phoenix, has a mission of both peacekeeping and scientific research. Can her crew withstand the threat of mind control and betrayal from within?

A dirty admiral orders an antique B-29 to crash with Captain Jason Armstrong and two of the Phoenix crew aboard, but they parachute out in the nick of time. Lost at sea with the Phoenix days away, and aware they're targeted for assassination, who can they trust to rescue them?
I'll be honest. I liked this book more right after I finished it. The more time that passes, and the more I think about it, I realize it is not as good as I first thought.
The book start out slow. The first ten chapters (out of 56) felt like a completely different book. Yes, things do happen that connect to the rest of the book, but most of it doesn't. It would've better if it didn't take as long to explain or if it was just mentioned like they did a few other things. The rest of the plot was pretty good, though a little confusing. It felt like she was trying to add a lot of details and characters, but instead it just made cluttered. Though, I was hooked. I wanted to know what happened to Steve and Tim.
There are a lot of characters. Some, I will admit, I don't remember well. The main characters, though, were interesting and relatable. I loved Tim and Steve. I wish Bravo was in it more, but than again, I love monkeys.
All in all, it was good, but not great. It had it's moments, but felt cluttered and confusing. It has potential but doesn't quite reach it. I am not fully sold on reading the next one. If you like science fiction, then this one might be for you. I got a feeling you might like it more I do.


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