Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Review + Giveaway: Dark Whiskey by Emma Meade

Dark Whiskey (Short Story)
Dark Whiskey by Emma Meade
Publication Date: June 21, 2013
Genre: Paranormal Horror
Pages: 25
Format: PDF
Source: Author
Jesse senses something off about the nightclub. She wants to leave, but her best friend, Tasha, is determined to have a night to remember. There's no way she's turning down an invite to the VIP section.

Against Jesse's better judgement, she follows Tasha up the ivory staircase to the mysterious room above. The whiskey and champagne are flowing, and pretty soon the blood will be too.

(A Short Story, approx 7,100 words)

~My Thoughts~

*Received a copy from the author for my honest opinion*

Emma Meade has done it again and I cannot wait to see what more she has for us! Have I said that once before, haha?
Going into this I knew this was going to be great. Emma can spin a tale with captivating details and page turner words. When the main gal, Jesse, got chills I got them too. Just how everything was all described I felt as if I were the one in her shoes and was in this horror instead of her. Amazingly well done and I absolutely didn't see the twist at the end coming.
The whole time I was rooting for her. I mean, how couldn't you root for her? The whole time I was sitting on the edge while watching her go through all that she went through. From the beginning she knew something was off with this place. Me, I saw red flags going off everywhere and Tasha should have listened to her. She really should have but at the same time I kind of get her side of things too haha.
This is yet another great tale from Emma. She can write an amazing tale of evils in just a few pages, making these shorts to die for. If you ever need a paranormal fix with a splash of horror then this is your gal. A must read as always! Here’s yet another author that can make me go completely speechless (always a good thing ;) haha).   
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  1. I'd pull out my trusty crossbow and get to work saving some humans.

  2. I loved Dark Whiskey too, Ashley. Emma just keeps on writing these amazing tales. I've read everything she's written and now waiting on the next one!

  3. I would kiss him. ;) Of course!