Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday Songs (41) How Could I Want More

"Lying in the green grass
Underneath the blue sky
Looking at a good man
Who ought to be the right guy
He's got that kinda heart that
Any girl would die for"
"Treats me like a princess
Lets me have it my way
I could tell he's hanging
On every word that I say
All he does is love me
He swears that's what he's here for"
This was a complete surprise! Found this Thursday night, the same day I had to say "see you later" to my Marine, and finding this song feels like a sign from fate, haha. It had me choked up as I want "more" sooner than later but I've got to be patient.   
Was glued to the hip with my love since the 24th, so it's weird having to go back to "normal", to not be waking up with him by my side. So I can't wait till that day where I'm able to get that more I want.
Thanks Jamie Lynn for this song!
Sweet Listening Everybody!

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