Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday Songs (42) Classic

"Ooh girl you’re shining
Like a 5th avenue diamond
And they don’t make you like they used to
You’re never going out of style

Ooh pretty baby
This world might've gone crazy
The way you save me
Who can blame me
When I just wanna make you smile?"
"I wanna thrill you like Michael
I wanna kiss you like Prince
Let’s get it on like Marvin Gaye
Like Hathaway
Write a song for you like this"
"You’re over my head
I’m out of my mind
Thinking I was born in the wrong time
One of a kind, living in a world gone plastic
Baby you’re so classic
Baby you’re so classic
Baby you,
Baby you’re so classic

Four dozen of roses
Anything for you to notice
All the way to serenade you
Doing it Sinatra style

Ima pick you up in a Cadillac
Like a gentleman bringin' glamour back
Keep it reel to reel in the way I feel
I could walk you down the aisle"
Absolutely love this song!!! <3
Sweet Listening Everybody!

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