Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Writing Update: I won't be publishing this year

I know I promised a lot of you that I would be publishing earlier this year, but things changed. I went to beauty school for four months for my manicuring hours, so my writing kind of went on the back burner as I was working towards a step of starting a career for me. Of course it was something creative cause my soul is only happy when I'm being creative in one form or another.
I graduated in June, I've been getting myself back to normal and practicing my trade. Also been planning a wedding but nothing is getting in the way of me writing anymore (you have no idea how wonderful that feels!). As things have settled down I've realized maybe why certain things didn't go my way was because I was meant to concentrate on me getting ready for the life I'm going to start with my Marine and my writing. And have I been writing!
I've finished the rewritten first draft of The Gatherers (added more depth and detail to it), prequel to The Harvesters. I have a cover for it too but I plan to publish it January 23rd, 2015. Why? Because I want it well prepared and I would like to take over the blogging world with a cover reveal through Xpresso Book Tours. Most of you should know how power it is to work with Giselle, she gets the audience and the bloggers and that's what I want. I know if it wasn't for her none of you would probably have the success you've had. I know I wouldn't have met some of you wonderful authors if it wasn't for her. So I want to do the same. I believe in my stories and want to give them the best chances and the best one is to work with Giselle.
   So to do this I have to save up and I plan to do the cover reveal in January, I'll go to Giselle in December. I hope for my readers of the first book that the couple years for the next in the series was worth the wait. I truly think it was cause I've grown so much! And I'm even going back to edit The Harvesters, I see how badly it was. Not the story but how I wrote it. It was rough but all first published works are haha.
So in the next four or so months, to get ready for the release of The Gatherers, I'll be editing both stories and working to save up (won't be hard now that I've written down the numbers and the time I have). I'll also be writing Needs of an Incubus, sequel to Wants of an Incubus.
I've got over 5000 words so far and not even half way done yet, you have no idea how excited I am by that! Annabelle has a bigger story to tell and there'll probably be more to the series, instead of it being just a 2 part series liked I originally planned. However, when I said that I didn't have the whole story in my head. I'm one that writes while still coming up with the story haha. So when I'm done with it I'll let you know how many more afterwards.
My goals for Needs of an Incubus is to publish it in March and by the looks of it, it'll be no problem. I don't know when in March yet but once I do you'll be the first to know. But you can add it on your Goodreads now, same with The Gatherers. For Needs of an Incubus I don't have a summary just yet but when I do, I'll update you guys. I'm so excited!
So I hope you guys understand why I'm not publishing this year. I just don't want to rush it and I've learned from my last two publications. I want to do these ones right and my future ones done the way they should be done, by being promoted with a women that'll help me take over the blogging community. To help get my stories noticed. They deserve a chance. This isn't just a one time thing. When I write my soul is happy. Seeing self-published authors whipping them out one after the other inspires me and I hope one day I'll have my chance to do that too. With all the story ideas I get there's no doubt in my mind that that'll happen and with an amazing man by my side, I know this dream of mine will come true.
So that's why I'm not publishing this year.
I'll be keeping you guys more updated than normal and the next time you see me publishing it'll be under a different name, Ashley Ehlers instead of Ashley Hill, cause I'm getting married!
Also, here's a little insider. This song has helped me write more constantly and helped me through a very emotional scene between Annabelle and Henry.
Have not seen that movie yet but I love the music! haha
Stay tuned!

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