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Review: ASMODEUS: Demon of Lust (Princes of Hell #1) by Sara Humphreys

ASMODEUS: Demon of Lust Part 1
ASMODEUS: Demon of Lust (Princes of Hell #1) by Sara Humphreys
Publication Date: June 23rd, 2013
Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance
Pages: 71
Format: ebook
Source: Free on Amazon
Read: July 20th, 2015


A hot new serialized novel by author Sara Humphreys.

When Kai Kelly inherits her estranged grandfather’s estate in Bliss, Idaho, life becomes anything but blissful. The discovery of a beautiful but unusual ring in the attic, leads to much more than she bargained for. Kai may not realize what she has in her possession, but the boys in Hell sure got the message.

Lucifer and the six other princes of Hell, existed for several millennium believing that the Ring of Solomon–an object with the power to control demons– had been destroyed. However, the moment Kai slips the ring on her finger, the tremor of it’s power ripples through the underworld.

Knowing the ring’s existence could mean the destruction of all demons, Lucifer sends his six princes to earth in search of the ring and it’s bearer. There’s one catch, a demon can’t take the ring from it’s owner, it has to be given willingly…or they have to be dead.

Asmodeus, the Demon of Lust, is happy to have another opportunity to visit the mortal world and dally with a human female…or twelve. However, when he arrives on earth, he realizes Lucifer made all the demons mortal in an effort to keep them motivated, focused on their mission and immune from the powers of the ring.

When Asmodeus meets Kai along a deserted section of highway in Magic Valley, it’s more than the ring she wears that catches his eye. He plans to woo the ring out from under her but before long, the lines between lust and love blur.

When the other members of the brotherhood realize Asmodeus has found the ring, they descend on Bliss, determined to get the ring from Kai at any cost.

When Asmodeus is faced with choosing between the brotherhood and his one true love, he realizes the battle for Hell is nothing compared to the battle for her heart.

~My Thoughts~

I really, really liked this! I enjoyed it from the very first moment and I loved that she talks to her cat (if you're an animal lover then you totally know what I mean haha). The story was well paced and I was hooked immediately! I really enjoyed that we got to see behind both Kai and Asmodeus eye's, it made the story that much more compelling! 

I was honestly shocked when we found out that Kai isn't what she thinks she is, I wasn't expecting that! It was a pleasant little twist and I can't wait to find out more about her. And I totally knew something was up with Ben (I believe that was the other guy's name haha). He became very suspicious when he saw the ring on her.

Overall I did not want this to end! The story held me, it seriously had a grip on me and I'm dying for the rest of the series! The details were brilliant as I felt as if I was truly apart of this world! I need to know what happens next for Kai and Asmodeus as this left a lot of questions unanswered and with a bit of a cliffhanger, ugh! haha

Sweet Readings Everybody!

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