Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Spotlighting: Kiss off, let a lady read Book Tours

Hello Everyone, today I'm spotlighting Kiss off, let a lady read Book Tours! The hostess of this new book touring company is me, Ashley. It was formally known as Paranormal Sisters Touring Company but I decided to spice it up! Give it a new name and a fresh look hoping to bring in new customers and hosts!

I've reopened this touring company in wanting to give this business another try because I just love helping authors promote their works! And here's a few examples of what we provide- our cheapest to our most expensive one. A butterfly Kiss Tour is a week long tour, while A Passionate Kiss Tour is a four week tour. There's no limit to the amount of bloggers that can join. To see full details of the services click here!





What we have going on right now-

Review Opportunities

If you'd like to join as a tour host sign up here!

Helping authors gives me such joy so I hope you guys will give me a chance to shine!

Thanks for stopping by!

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