Monday, February 1, 2016

Book Review: Watched (Watching #2) by Bethany James

Watched (Watching #2) by Bethany James
Publication Date: November 18th, 2015
Genre: Adult Erotica
Pages: 72
Format: ebook
Source: Free on Amazon
Read: January 23rd, 2016
Rating: 4/5


So much has changed. 

My typical Friday night before Jack revolved around a pint of ice cream and my Netflix queue. Now, I'm practically living with him and off the charts hot sex is my new normal. 

If that wasn't enough, Jack is helping me explore things I never knew I wanted sexually. Turns out watching people have sex gets me off big time. 

The question is, will being Watched turn me on as well? 

** This book is intended for mature readers due to language and adult situations. Watched is a novella and is approx 100 pages in print format. Lastly, Watched is light on the drama, and heavy on the sex. Have some fresh batteries handy and enjoy!

~My Thoughts~

I've got to say this series is a guilty pleasure of mine, I just can't get enough of these steamy books! They're just so much fun! And I was happy to get a little bit more of the characters lives as we got to meet Celia's parents, though it was quite awkward to say the least! 

Apparently her dad is a therapist and one of his clients is Jack, her boyfriend. They didn't know they both had a part in Celia's life, so when her dad saw him walk through the door, he decked him. Why you may ask? Let's just say daddy now knows daddy's little girl isn't as innocent as he knows her to be. Jack, not knowing that was her father, told him all about their intimate moments and Celia's experimental attitude in her sexuality with Jack. Can we say, awkward! 


Overall, I loved the dash of drama! It gave more depth to the story. Again, I couldn't get enough! It's a fun, light, very steamy story and it is a guilty pleasure of mine ;)

Sweet Readings Everybody!

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