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{Cover Reveal} Water Works (Emma and the Elementals #2) by Tanya Karen Gough

Water Works (Emma and the Elementals #2) by Tanya Karen Gough
Publication Date: November 1st, 2015
Genre: Children's Literature Fantasy Adventure


Three years have passed, and Emma has settled comfortably into her new life. The basement brownies, the troll-green siren Leucosia, and the prehistoric bird George have faded into stories she told her best friend Reggie when they were little. Her battle with the evil witch was nothing more than the product of her overactive childhood imagination. Until it starts to rain.

 Before she knows it, Emma is back in Under, this time with a sick Reggie in tow. With the help of new friends (and several old ones), she travels to the mysterious Yesno jungle and a barren island beneath the setting sun, where the choices she makes threaten to destroy everything she loves. She must overcome terrifying challenges both on the sea and below it, all in an effort to save her best friend. 

With water, water everywhere, what is a girl to think? 

About the Series: 

Emma & the Elementals is a fast-paced, action fantasy series about a young girl finding her place in the world through a series of adventures involving magical creatures, and a journey to the centre of the earth. Emma & the Elementals is both a topsy-turvy riff on traditional literary children's fantasy and an allegorical coming-of-age tale. 

~Sequel To~

Reviews for Root Bound (Emma & the Elementals, Vol 1) 

The Pros Say: 

“Gough cleverly mines that book’s legends, folk tales and Greek mythology, along with the works of Frank Baum and Lewis Carroll, to create settings and challenges that pay homage to classic children’s literature. [...] Gough also makes ample use of nonsensical rhythms and onomatopoeia to keep a lively pace, and her imagining of Under’s vast framework of roots and rocks is richly realized in earthly textures and sounds. [...] A lighthearted, whimsical confection that will delight both kids and their parents’ inner child.” -Kirkus Reviews 

“Witchcraft seems frightening at first, and only becomes more so as you learn more. Root Bound follows young Emma as she discovers someone who is most definitely a witch in her new home with her father. Drawn into a world of mysticism and fae brownies, she finds the road home for her is a long and complicated one. Root Bound is a fine and much recommended addition for young adult fantasy collections.” -Midwest Book Review

Kids Say: 

“Root Bound so far is one of the best books I’ve read yet. [...] So, whoever reads Root Bound I guarantee is going to LOVE IT!!!!! And, I can already tell that I am going to need another book written by the author: Tanya Karen Gough!” -Amy N., jr. blogger at (Canada)

 "Root Bound is one of my favorite books and I have read LOTS!!! I can really connect with the character, Emma and not just because my name is Emma. While I was reading the book I saw that the next book "Water Works" is in the making I will simply DIE if I do not get that book!! [...] Root Bound is an amazing book and I hope that everyone who reads it loves it as much as I do." -Emma P., Age 9 (USA) 

Adults Say:

“Root Bound is a vibrant fairy tale that all ages can enjoy in equal measure. Young readers will be swept away by the heroine Emma and her journeys through a spectacular world of adventure, and adults will be captivated by the depth of imagination on display and skill with which Ms Gough conveys the world of Emma and the Elementals. For readers who enjoy the young adult works of Neil Gaiman, Root Bound would be a worthy addition to your library. “ -Navigator Black, 5-Star Review ( 

“This engagingly inventive novel brilliantly reworks several great imaginative traditions in the service of exploring female psyches, interactions, developments, tensions -- all while remaining as "guyfriendly" as those quest-based traditions generally are. *Root Bound* does a valuable service to its readers and to its sources, which should gain new and newly alert readers as a result. I look forward to future installments in the Emma and the Elementals series! “ -Macready Lawes, 5-Star Review (

~About the Author~

Tanya Karen Gough

Tanya Karen Gough was born in Montreal, Quebec and raised in New England, where she developed a healthy appetite for ghosts and things that go bump in the night. An avid reader from a young age, she quickly worked her way through Alice in Wonderland, the Magical Monarch of Mo, Andrew Lang's Fairy Books, all of the Tintin comic books, Nancy Drew, and most of the other books in the children's library.

Finally, at the tender age of 10, she produced this poetic masterpiece:

"Whene'er you get a wandering leg
And feel that you must roam
Remember this and don't forget
The best place is at home"

To date, she has moved more than 25 times. Along the way, she earned two degrees in English Literature, taught overseas, became the owner operator of the Poor Yorick Shakespeare Catalogue, and contributed to a number of Shakespeare-related publications. Root Bound is the first of four books in the Emma and the Elementals series.

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