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ARC Review: Transcend (Whispered Echoes #2) by Anne Michaud

Transcend (Whispered Echoes #2) by Anne Michaud
Publication Date: September 24th, 2015
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal
Pages: 227
Format: ebook
Source: Author
Read: September 18th to 20th, 2015


When Alyx saves her friends from evil, she becomes a superstar of the paranormal world. Not a bad gig, until it all goes wrong.

Gifted with the ability to connect with ghosts, Alyx found her calling by training as a spy for Transcend, where she uses her Spirit Guide for industrial espionage. When the footage of her directing a powerful exorcism hits the internet, the implication of her actions renders it impossible to continue to work as an undercover agent. Luckily her boss has ideas on how to take advantage of this new situation: Alyx, the Ghost Hunter!

Alyx’s ghost sister Katrina doesn’t approve of her new status, especially since it endangers every aspect of her life, including her new and old friends at the academy. Working against her sister’s wishes, Alyx becomes close to her spirit guide who hides under a disguise, until it slowly reveals its true being. Alyx starts to understand Katrina’s worry, but is it too late? Her guide’s true identity will not only comprise Alyx’s new life, but her entire universe.

~My Thoughts~

I was going in blind when I started this, I had no clue on what was going to happen next for this cast of characters as this morning Ms. Michaud finally revealed the summary on Goodreads. And to my surprise Alyx became an internet star overnight thanks to a family member of a friend of hers who happened to capture the large exorcism she preformed on her friends in the last book on film and that said family member uploading it on the net.

Now with her job of being an agent and going on espionage's this isn't a good thing. So her scheming boss decides to give her a new job- ghost busting. Let the fun begin! 

Though Alyx isn't too sure about going to rich peoples houses to get rid of ghost and getting paid for it is a good idea, she still goes along with it. I hate how blinded she is. I know this is like the only home, in her eyes, for her but how can you want to be apart of a world with lies, deceits, and no morality. She's blinded from all the stuff her boss keeps buying for her from the money she's bringing into the business. I love the academy aspect of this world Transcend provides for those that see the spirits but if this is the world you graduate into, um, no thank you. Even her sister hates who she's becoming to the point of hurting her, what a surprise that was! Did not expect that as they've got such a close bond, even if one of them is dead.

As we go deeper into the world of Transcend we start to learn more about her boss and the lengths he'll go to to make sure no one spills the beans about his business. Though I'm glad Skye is safe, it was seriously hard to read when she didn't recognize Alyx or Lukas. It also must have been hard for her to process that for a few days she wasn't herself.  

Overall, I really enjoyed this sequel and I devoured it! It was so good to fall back into this world, definitely after the many so-so reads I've been having. We're getting deeper into the world of Transcend and I'm excited to see where things go after this. Especially after that brilliant ending! I was in shock so I had to reread the last couple sentences to grasp and believe what a certain character did to save Alyx. The next book shall be interesting! 

*Was given a copy from the author in exchange for my honest review*

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