Sunday, September 6, 2015

Beat the Heat Readathon: Week two Update & that's a wrap!

  • The Beat the Heat Readathon runs from August 24th at 12:00 AM to September 6th at 11:59 PM. What does this readathon entail, you ask? Well, read as much or as little as you want – the main point is to READ! You set your own goal, and for three weeks you read as many books as you can/want to reach your goal!
  • There will be mini-challenges throughout the Readathon for participants, along with a grand prize giveaway at the end!
  • Sign up here at Novel Heartbeat or over at Phantasmic Reads. You may join whenever you like, but to be eligible for our grand prize giveaway, you must sign up by August 28th.
  • To join, all you have to do is make a sign-up post – even if it’s just a “Let’s do this!” thing – and add your post URL to the linky below! You can put your goals and progress (will be required for the final giveaway) in your sign-up post, or you can make it separate. Totally up to you! (You are welcome to use the template we provide in the kick-off post as well.)
  • In order to enter for the grand prize, you must have a post to keep track of your progress so we can see that you participated.
  • Follow along on Twitter and share your progress with the hashtag #BtHReadathon!

August 30th:

Currently Reading: Undead and Game On

Pages Read: 27 pages of Undead and 27% of Game On

Completed Books: 0

August 31st:

Currently Reading: Undead 

Pages Read: 79 pages

Completed Books: 0

September 1st:

Currently Reading: Undead and Game On

Pages Read: finished the last 34 pages of Undead and 8% of Game On

Completed Books: 1

September 2nd:

Currently Reading: Game On

Pages Read: 22%

Completed Books: 0

September 3rd:

Currently Reading: Game On and Savor

Pages Read: finished the last 43% of Game On and 23% of Savor

Completed Books: 1

September 4th:

Currently Reading: Savor

Pages Read: 13%

Completed Books: 0

September 5th:

Currently Reading: Savor

Pages Read: 33%

Completed Books: 0

September 6th:

Currently Reading: Savor

Pages Read: the last 31%

Completed Books: 1

Sadly another readathon has ended but I've got to say I'm really proud of myself! I've almost completed every book I was hoping to get to! 

Here's the books I was hoping to get to-

And here's the books I actually did get to-

As you can see the only one I couldn't get to sadly was #Player. I soooo should have read that one instead of The Witches of BlackBrook but since I requested a review copy of it and it had to be read by August 30th, I just had to.....

Here's the links to my reviews, I have yet to review the last three books which is why the links are a different color from the top three, they link to their Goodreads pages.

Undead (Undead #1) by Kirsty McKay
Savor (Succubus Kiss #2) by Jennifer Snyder

If you were part of the Beat the Heat Readathon I would love to see how you did!

Thanks for stopping by!

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