Saturday, June 1, 2013

Boot Camp Write-a-thon

Starts June 1 till August 1
Boot Camp Write-a-thon got its name from my inspiration, my boyfriend. He's out and about in San Diego at the marine base and if all goes well he'll be graduating August 16 *squeal*. So, since I started a New Adult paranormal project which he absolutely loves cause part of our relationship is in the words that are just flowing out of me, I promised I would send out finished chapters down to him through letters. Which is where this write-a-thon came from.
I'm on a roll but to keep the momentum going, besides his inspiration, I want to make goals in hopes it'll get all wrapped up before he comes home. The goals for the weeks will be simple because I do have two months to do them. My main focus here is to finish the first draft of two projects, The Gatherers & Secret New Adult Paranormal.
I'm not going to talk much about that project cause I don't want to curse it and get a bad case of writers block. I'll only talk about it when its a solid thing haha. Anyways, the goals for the first week. I'm not going to plan out all the weeks just in case I get done with anything early and am going to start editing into this write-a-thon haha.
So through June 1st to June 8th I would like to finish:
Chapters 14 through 16 in Secret Project & finish chapter Coleen (3) in The Gatherers
Now hopefully this write-a-thon doesn't block me haha
Thanks for stopping by!

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