Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dreaming of Sequels (12)

Our feature here is where we talk about sequels we are just dying to have. And you all know that there are many, many out there that we are just craving to have! ^_^
So, sequels means any sequels. As long as it's after the first, #1, then it is acceptable haha. Also, we will be doing this every Wednesday!
Okay then, here we go!
Reconnaissance (Paradise Reclaimed, #2)
Reconnaissance (Paradise Reclaimed #2) by Aubrie Dionne
Publication Date: April 5th 2013
Genre: YA Sci-fi
Pages: 262
Nova Williams has lost her one shot at Lieutenant hood and at love. Lieutenant Crophaven has promoted her rival, Andromeda, all because her lifemate, Sirius, sacrificed their mission to win back Andromeda’s love.

While sneaking out to prove Andromeda is a fake, Nova finds an alien ship hovering over their colony. Lieutenant Crophaven assigns her to a reconnaissance mission, giving her a second chance to redeem herself. Sirius must fly her and a research team to the vessel to decide if they are a threat. Thrown together with the lifemate that betrayed her, she battles with her own jealousy while her team battles for their lives.

Can she forgive Sirius in order to save her team and warn her colony?
~Why I'm Dreaming~
Even though there is a scary black spider I’m still very excited to read this one haha. Actually, even with that scary thing this is still a beautiful cover. I absolutely love these covers and hope one day I can have them on my shelves ^_^.
Anyways, I’m actually quite interested in this one. It’s changing points of views from the first book, Colonization. This one is told by the mean girl Nova who stole, in a way, Annie’s to be lifemates with Sirius. Though his true colors did shine through and I’m glad Annie didn’t get him as a lifemate. I thought his rudeness went well with Nova’s meanness. But I know Nova ruined her chance at love with him.  
So now I’m really excited to read this one. Though yes I’ll miss Annie and Corvus, I’m excited to see behind the eyes of the enemy haha. But I do hope we get a little of Annie and Corvus <3. Overall, I love Aubrie’s story telling and can’t wait to get back to the world she has created for us. With the great detail it can be absolute spine chilling :D
~Sequel To~
Colonization (Paradise Reclaimed, #1)
~Quotes from my Review~
"Wow, this dystopian kicks butt. Like action packed nonstop and I was hooked from the very first page."
"This dystopian takes place in outer space. So the great detail the author writes can make one a bit claustrophobic and may make one feel small to the big great blackness that surrounds our characters."
"Watching those two grow closer together was amazing and watching how their people adapted to this new colorful world was just as great. Man was this place described in creepy detail."
"Overall it was a great ride and I can't wait to get back on it with the sequel. Almost everything about it was just great and made this short read very enjoyable."
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