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Review: Temptation, An Erotic Fairytale by Locklyn Swallow

Temptation: An Erotic Fairytale
Temptation: An Erotic Fairytale by Locklyn Swallow
Publication Date: July 8th 2011
Genre: Adult Erotic
Pages: 15
Format: Kindle
Source: Free on Amazon
Tristan Blade has a problem. He's supposed to be getting married - and to the beautiful woman of his dreams - but he's unsure if he'll be able to make her happy in bed. To get away and think, Tristan goes hunting in the forest surrounding his family's lands where he comes upon Aishling, a sexy and impish fairy princess.

Aishling has crossed the invisible boundary between the worlds of human and fairy - and she intends to show Tristan everything he needs to know to satisfy his bride! A fun sexy romp.
~My Thoughts~
This short is all about sex. It goes straight to it and doesn't have a strong developing story behind it which is why this is getting a low rating. I hoped that this would be good after seeing a five star review on Goodreads but that hope started to dwindle when a fairy sees a sleeping human in the forest, shreds her clothes off, and goes to wake him up while naked. Really? I've read about fairies before and they've never acted like this. I guess I just don't know how they are written in the adult world?
In the beginning I did like this short and it is a decent read. Its told in the medieval time, a time where magic is begin taught and taught as a thing to fear. Just like they fear going over this small stone wall that leads into a fairy forest where most of the time the humans that go in it never return. Because of that I was hoping the ending would have a twist. That once the human had sex with this fairy that would mean he was now captive in her world. Yeah, nope. That amazing twist didn't happen.
Overall this story is about a man whom is fearing that he won't be able to please his soon to be wife in bed. And that fear for men does exist so it was interesting to read his way of thinking. He's going along for a hunting trip and decides to go in the fairy forest. In there he learns how to "perform" and honestly how he nailed it the first time is can of unbelievable. Though yes, she showed him how to do certain things but that can't completely explain the success of him doing it right the first time away for me. It just doesn't work for me.
This is a quick read that has steamy sex, so if you want to give it a shot then it’s still free on Amazon.
It will make you shrill
Sweet Readings Everybody!

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