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TV Series Review: Army Wives (Season One)

Four women and one man share the common bond of loving someone in the U.S. Army.
~My Thoughts~
Forewarning this might be a long post cause I'll be reviewing and ranting over these characters I oh so love.
I've been wanting to start up this show a long time now and seeing that Netflix has it on instant I decided to finally see what all the hype is about on this show. By god, if I had started this when it first came out I would have been dying to see the second episode. This shows pilot was breathtaking and a major winner. I have never seen a pilot so good like this one. It’s got great dialog, humor, drama, and just rawness of truth behind these fictional characters. Characters I have grown to love with the tears I shed for every episode I have seen. Like I'm not even kidding you. Every episode in one scene or another I burst into tears. Now I don't know if it’s because I'll be going through this with my own boyfriend or what but let me just tell you this, it is one powerful show everyone should be watching. No wonder why it’s had seven seasons so far haha.
Okay let’s talk about the beginning of the first episode, yeah it had me in tears too. But come on, when a man in uniform walks into a bar nervous as hell because he's about to purpose to the women behind it even though he's only known her for four days comes off quite romantic. And the words he says, well let’s just say it made this hopeless romantics heart soar with joy while bringing tears to her eyes. I mean, how can you not love it! This scene is just the beginning to the greatness this show is. I knew after the first episode that this show was going to be a hit and a five heart rating with no problem.
What makes this show so great is the stories and the people behind them. Roxy, who is this tough spit fire, is now married to an army man and she has no idea what she's just gotten herself into. In every episode it is amazing how she handles things and how she shakes up these women lives. Denise, she's a shy conservative wife who is always there standing by her husband’s side but the truth is she's hiding a secret. Someone in her life beats her, now I'm not going to say who but if you watch the first episode you'll know and I'm sure you'll be surprised too. When I found out who it was I was so shocked and the writers did well to make me think different. Props to them. Now, in later episodes Roxy of course helps Denise find a confidence in herself, a confidence that'll help protect herself and is brave enough to stand up for herself. Which is why Roxy is my top favorite out of these women. Later in the season you'll get to watch Denise blossom into an amazing independent person and I love it.
Gosh, so much has happen in just one season (finished it in two days cause it’s that great of a show, on season two now haha). Like so much but not too much where you can't follow what's going on. Instead everything just flows perfectly. So perfect it can get a little scary for me, it gets me thinking and thinking goes straight to over thinking, well we all know how that can kill happiness. Anyways, all I'm saying is some of my fears are being played out with these characters and since it feels all too real a girl can't help herself with worry.
Let’s talk about Denise's best friend Claudia Joy. Boy is she a spit fire in her own way. In her world she's got competition and we all know how competition can bring out the worst in people. So she's got an enemy and one that just loves to shoot off her mouth. Rumors fly but thankfully Claudia has her girls (by the way, how they got together will leave you wanting more haha. Loved that scene) by her side and help stick up for her when people are putting her down for no reason. Let’s just say the women that spreads the rumors gets what she deserves at the end of the season, major bitch slap to the face (sadly that's just a metaphor haha).
There's two other main characters so let’s get to them before I tire you out haha. Pamela ooh she is a joy to watch. She's just got as much spunk and backbone as the other girls (well mainly Claudia and roxy, Denise is getting there now haha). She has her own handful of enemies but she knows how to shoe them away when needed be. But besides them in the beginning she goes through this life changing experience that opened her up to a great group of friends. See she's a surrogate mother and nobody knows about it but her and her husband. When they're born its hard on her and it’s sad to see her go through this, especially since she has to tell the whole base they died. Yeah, well in one episode I applauded her for the strength she used to tell everyone the truth. Seriously, you’ll be saying you go girl just like I did too haha.
Now last of the "wives" is Roland. Ugh, just ugh! I loved him and he's winning me over but there is this one scene he pisses me off with. But like they say, guys can only think with one head at a time. God, Roland I was really hoping you were different. Because of that scene it got my number one fear come forth and I hated you Roland for doing that to me. I mean, you've been a great friend and everything. I loved the episode where the ladies started to talk about their sex lives and how you tried to leave but you fit. You fit like a gloove and it felt right that you were there a part of that conversation cause you're one of them haha. But no, you had to ruin all for just a little bit. >_<
Overall, this show is a hit with me. Bookworms you know how we say "oh this is the last chapter I am reading" then five chapters later. Yeah, that is what this show is doing to me. I know I have other shit to do but my mind is just always going back to this show and I can't help myself. Gosh there's so much more I want to talk about but at the same time I don't want to give too much away. All I have left is, thank god I didn’t start watching this back in 07 when it first came out because after that bitching cliffhanger at the end of season one I would have died if I had to wait six months to a year to see season two. My god that was the best cliffhanger I have ever seen. Just a sitting of the edge type, you too would have been dying to know what happens next. Thankfully now it is on Netflix and we don't have to wait. All you've got to do is click next episode haha.
Last words are, just make sure you have loads of time to waste before starting an episode because you will be hooked, hypnotized, and craving for more in no time.
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